RealFevr closes an international partnership with the University of Victoria in Canada

The Fantasy Plataform was chosen for final project of 10 finalist students of MBA (Master of Business Administration).

RealFevr Portugal
Jan 27 · 2 min read

The international partnership between RealFevr and the University of Victoria will bring 10 students for a week in Lisbon, so they can develop the project about the Internationalization of the fantasy platform.

RealFevr is looking to expand its reach and internationalize to new markets.

The project goal is to identify opportunities in foreign markets and identify the possible market entry strategies to internationalize to these markets. The main regions are the Middle East, Eastern Europe (including Russia) and Asia. Within each region, some countries should be identified and analyzed for their possible internationalization opportunities.

RealFevr is a fast-growing and innovative Fantasy marketplace that delivers the world’s best Fantasy Sports experience.

For the project, students will take into account the following topics:

# 1: Overview of Regions: Middle East, East Europe (including Russia), and Asia

# 2: Overview of countries: within each region, at least three identified countries

# 3: Overview of sports and gaming industries within each country

# 4: Market entry strategy

Groups of students will be divided into different regions and they will be allocated to different countries within these regions based on preliminary research.

RealFevr contributed to the project with an internal SWOT analysis at the beginning of the project. During the study trip in Lisbon, the company will be available for discussions with the student’s teams, answer their questions and provide information and documentation (if available) in order to help them to achieve success.

With this project, MBA students will learn to conduct region, country, and industry analysis. Moreover, they will learn how to use these analyses and company information to develop an internationalization strategy for a client. This strategy includes region and country choices as well as market entry mode, market entry timing, and market entry approach.

This initiative aims to bring the company’s work closer to the University of Victoria, and it represents the continued improvement improvement of RealFevr’s business, and it is a way to strengthen its growth and development of internal capabilities. At the same time, it values the practice of social responsibility, which is an essential part of the company’s strategy.

Besides increasing the satisfaction of employees, users and their partners, these practices also bring the company greater competitiveness and innovation capacity.

RealFevr Portugal

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