RealFevr’s Euro 2020 Fantasy is officially open!

Create your dream team and play the biggest football European competition.

May 28 · 3 min read

Did you think the season was over? Not even close! At RealFevr, a summer without a national teams fantasy competition, it’s not a summer to remember and that is why we had to launch the Euro 2020 Fantasy!

The 16th UEFA European Championship is right around the corner and, even though it’s coming 1 year later than supposed to, all the football fans are eager for it to start. Better than watching the Euro 2020 with all your friends, is watching it while playing RealFevr’s Euro 2020 Fantasy, the best fantasy league you could find.

The Euro 2020 will take place in several European cities between Friday, June 11 and Sunday, July 11.

Portugal is the current European champion after surprising a mighty France at their home stadium in 2016. Will Cristiano Ronaldo and company keep their European title for a couple more years? Or will Mbappé’s France add the Euro trophy to the museum next to the 2018 World Cup? De Bruyne’s Belgium, Kane’s England, Morata’s Spain, Werner’s Germany or Immobile’s Italy are also big contenders to take into consideration for the last prize. There other national teams that are theoretically weaker than those mentioned, but whose main stars might convince you to have them on your team, such as Lewandowski, Bale, Depay, Eriksen, Perišić or Yılmaz.

Below you can check all the first group matches , so that you can start to build your team:

Friday, 11th June

Group A: Turkey — Italy (20h00 GMT+1, Rome)

Saturday, 12th June

Group A: Wales — Switzerland (14h00 GMT+1, Baku)
Group B: Denmark — Finland (17h00 GMT+1, Copenhagen)
Group B: Belgium — Russia (20h00 GMT+1, Saint Petersburg)

Sunda, 13th June

Group D: England — Croatia (14h00 GMT+1, London)
Group C: Austria — North Macedonia(17h00 GMT+1, Bucharest)
Group C: Netherlands — Ukraine (20h00 GMT+1, Amsterdam)

Monday, 14th June

Group D: Scotland — Czech Republic (14h00 GMT+1, Glasgow)
Group E: Poland — Slovakia (17h00 GMT+1, Saint Petersburg)
Group E: Spain — Sweden (20h00 GMT+1, Sevilla)

Tuesday, 15th June

Group F: Hungary — Portugal (17h00 GMT+1, Budapest)
Group F: France — Germany (20h00 GMT+1, Munich)

For all fantasy managers, it’s time to line up your favorite players and form the best possible squad. Create now your team at

A competition as big as the Euro 2020 Fantasy demands same size prizes. Soon we will be releasing another article about it, so stay tuned.

Only the best can reach the top, so show us that you got what it takes! Until then, you explore all the players available, the best formations and define the best fantasy strategies, while keeping up with the latest news on our social media.

Good luck!

The RealFevr Team

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