The European Competitions are back at RealFevr!

Champions Fantasy stars and Europa Fantasy experts, all have room to shine at RealFevr!

RealFevr Portugal
Sep 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Football, like any sport, lives of the moment and Fantasy is no exception! Now, before the games begin, it’s an ideal time to scout each group, team squads and gameweek sequences. This is the perfect time to create your RealFevr’s Champions Fantasy and Europa Fantasy teams!

This year, we are thrilled to announce that 1XBET is our main sponsor and international partner for RealFevr’s Champions Fantasy and Europa Fantasy competitions. Inside each of these Fantasy Leagues, there will be a 1XBET exclusive league with special prizes and bonuses for true experts.

The Champions League is the biggest and most exciting event in world football and could not fail to be present at RealFevr. Play now the Champions Fantasy. Liverpool comes from two fantastic European seasons with a final and a win, being the current European champions. Will they win back to back trophies? Or will giants Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Juventus become the new (old) king in town? No matter which club wins, when it comes to Fantasy it’s only up to you. Create your team here and show your friends who is the real star!

The Europa League, the second largest European competition, has become of further relevance since its winner qualifies directly for the following season of Champions League. But at RealFevr, Europa Fantasy has always been relevant as it is the competition for the true Fantasy experts. You can’t consider yourself a Fantasy wizard without having a team at Europa Fantasy, since we are talking about a competition with over 1200 registered players from 48 clubs from 26 different countries. Create now your team here now and become “The Expert”!

Note that, this year, Europa Fantasy will return to the full-value scoring system, just like the rest of the competitions! Last year’s test with the decimal point system was a good experience and allowed us to register important information for the future, in order to implement an even more advanced and complete model, thus making the scores more accurate, personalized and fair.

Remember that you can create up to 5 teams and the more teams you have, the more likely you are to be ahead in the rankings!

Now take the time to show your friends that you win them in any Fantasy competition and don’t waste any more time: team up, create your private league and prove you’re the ultimate Champions Fantasy and Europa Fantasy expert!

RealFevr Portugal

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