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The Call-Up

The last Liga Nos Virtual Derby Challenge 20/21 is here!

We surprise you with a SLBenfica vs Sporting CP

Derby Challenge: one game mode, all of the excitement! A game mode that challenges the player for one specific game where they create a team with limited choices and enjoy 90 minutes of pure adrenaline! It’s a recurring challenge, stay sharp so you don’t miss a single one!

The 10th and final Liga NOS Virtual Derby Challenge is here to end things with a bang! SL Benfica is hosting their dreaded rival Sporting CP at Estádio da Luz at 18h00 for promising game.

Create your team now at

On the last episode of Derby Challenge, we took a look at Benfica’s performance. What has changed in the meantime? They find themselves frozen in 3rd place, since Porto is protecting their position like an impenetrable wall. They come from a draw against the Dragões and a victory against Nacional. If the Águias want to finish in grace, they only have one more chance. They play at home, and with that comes a certain safety that could be what they need to raise their odds.

Sporting has exceeded all expectations this season and became the Liga NOS Champion after a victory in their last game against Boavista. Armed with a formidable squad, the Leões’s green wave has drowned all their opponents. When we look at their history we can see how they got there: 82 points with 25 victories, 7 draws and avoiding losses like Neo in the Matrix (if the reference went over your head, it means they have 0 losses). They are without shadow of a doubt, a dreaded opponent that won’t be taken down easily.

Who will score the most in the 10th Liga NOS Virtual Derby Challenge?

  • SL Benfica ou Sporting CP?
  • Helton Leiteou Antonio Adán?
  • Otamendi ou Sebastián Coates?
  • Pizzi ou Pedro Gonçalves?
  • Seferovic ou Paulinho?

Everything is set in place for the 15th of May, at 18h00 at Estádio da Luz!

Create your team at:

Is the Derby Challenge a stranger to you? We’ll introduce you! Follow this link and get to know each other!

Derby Challenge: a new game model, much like a Daily Fantasy, where you compete in a single event, creating a team for a specific game (or two, max), with limited choices and all the adrenaline just jam-packed into 90 minutes.

In more practical terms, to play RealFevr’s newest competition Derby Challenge you’ll need to create a new team when one is announced (Derby Challenge is not always available) and the most common rules of Classic Leagues will apply here (auto-subs, manual subs, scoring, leaderboards, etc) and will run side-by-side with their “core competitions”, Liga NOS Virtual, England Fantasy and other options available at RealFevr. On top, there will be a leaderboard for the sum of all the Derby Challenges throughout the season.

In spite of the majority of rules being the same as the classic mode of England Fantasy, there are some specific Derby Challenge rules that you must be aware of, we will state them here:

A player is only able to register one team on Derby Challenge league;

The player will have a maximum budget of 120M;

There are no limit of players from each club to make your team;

To use the “automatic replacements” feature, you can only make changes on your team 15 minutes before de beginning of the (first) match of Derby challenge. After that time, the feature will be disabled;

The price of players opposite of England Fantasy league (that is a continuous duration competition), won’t have price variations during the season.

Good luck,

The RealFevr Team



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