The RealFevr Premium Influencer campaign is now available.

Create your Private League, invite 25 New friends and get 6 Months of RealFevr Premium!

Sep 11 · 3 min read
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Are you a Fantasy lover and influencer? Are you responsible for creating your group of friends’ private league? Then you are on the right place and the RealFevr Premium Influencer campaign is perfect for you!

You should already know by now that we have launched the RealFevr Premiums subscription in order to deliver the best fantasy experience of the market to all the RealFevr users that put the money where their mouth is.

If this is something new for you, read all about it in the article below.

Although, the RealFevr Premium’s revenue is essential to maintain the quality level that you are accustomed to, we also want to reward all the RealFevr users that are true team captains and always make sure that their group of friends create their fantasy teams in time.

Are you a Fantasy lover and you always play with your friends? Do you want to get RealFevr Premium for free for 6 months?

If your answers to these questions is “Yes!” or “Hell, Yeah!”, then you are a Fantasy Influencer and this campaign was made exactly for people like you.

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What you have to do to be a Fantasy Influencer and to get 6 Months of RealFevr Premium? Just follow these steps.

1. Go to “Leagues” and create your Private League*.

2. Share your Private League’s link and invite your friends to join you.

3. Get 24 New Users** for your Private League.

4. Unlock RealFevr Premium for 6 Months.

* Your Private League must be Private at all times. It can never be classified as Public, nor appear in the competition Lobby, or the RealFevr Premium will not be unlocked.
** Users who have registered at RealFevr after you have created your Private League.

As soon as you get the 24 New RealFevr Users to join your Private League, we will automatically award you with 6 Months of RealFevr Premium and, from that moment on, you will be entitled to:

  • Advertising Removal
  • 3 Teams per Competition
  • Pioneer Badge
  • Player Status
  • Spy Team
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Will you miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock the best fantasy experience and be true Fantasy Influencer?

#JoinTheFevr, be a pioneer among your friends and show that you support the best fantasy in the world!

The RealFevr team

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