Torino vs Juventus is the first Derby Challenge from Italy Fantasy League

RealFevr Portugal
Oct 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Create your own team with players from both of this italian teams.

Derby Challenge, one game, plenty of emotion!

The most recent game mode from Realfevr continues, now with the first Italian duel, Derby della Mole: Torino vs Juventus from Italy Fantasy League.

Torino host Juventus, in a time where they are short in 4 points from European ranks, and will have the ambition they had last year, and achieve a spot in the European league. And Juventus playing as visiting team, will fight for the leadership of the championship, as they need the 3 points versus Il Toro, or they will lose the first place to Inter Milan. Will Juventus grant the leadership?

Il Toro or the Bianconeri, you decide who you want on your team! Who will win and who will do most points on Derby Challenge of Realfevr:

  • Torino ou Juventus?
  • Salvatore Sirigu ou Wojciech Szczesny?
  • Lyanco Vojnović ou Danilo?
  • Tomás Rincón ou Rodrigo Bentancur?
  • Daniele Baselli ou Emre Can?
  • Andrea Belotti ou Gonzalo Higuaín?

All these questions will be answered this Saturday, November 2 at 19:45 on the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, in Turin! Meanwhile, create your own team here:

And the top 3 ranked players of the first Italian league derby challenge will win the following prizes, sponsored by Egg Electronics:

1st place — EGG PowerStation
2nd place — Dual USB Charger
3rd place — USB Cable 3–1

If you want to know more about Egg Eletronics, click here.

In order to clear any doubts on how Derby Challenge works, we leave at your disposal a piece of the launch article of this new game mode:

Derby Challenge: a new game model, much like a Daily Fantasy, where you compete in a single event, creating a team for a specific game (or two, max), with limited choices and all the adrenaline just jam-packed into 90 minutes.

In more practical terms, to play RealFevr’s newest competition Derby Challenge you’ll need to create a new team when one is announced (Derby Challenge is not always available) and the most common rules of Classic Leagues will apply here (auto-subs, manual subs, scoring, leaderboards, etc) and will run side-by-side with their “core competitions”, Liga NOS Virtual, Italy Fantasy and other options available at RealFevr. On top, there will be a leaderboard for the sum of all the Derby Challenges throughout the season.

In spite of the majority of rules being the same as the classic mode of Italy Fantasy, there are some specific Derby Challenge rules that you must be aware of, we will state them here:

  • A player is only able to register one team on Derby Challenge league;
  • The player will have a maximum budget of 120M;
  • There are no limit of players from each club to make your team;
  • To use the “automatic replacements” feature, you can only make changes on your team 15 minutes before de beginning of the (first) match of Derby challenge. After that time, the feature will be disabled;
  • The price of players opposite of Italy Fantasy league (that is a continuous duration competition), won’t have price variations during the season.

Now, don’t waste time and create your own team in:

Good luck,
The RealFevr team

RealFevr Portugal

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