Slow Days, Slow Nights

I should have known I’d need the cheaper, 1 month, membership instead of the 1 day and a room that I’d gotten two weeks before. I had really thought that a single night in Berkeley would be spent at dinner with friends and then early to bed, but then there I was, cycling through the dark on a Thursday at 7:30pm, slightly too full from dinner but with every intention of making sure that I’d be empty enough to accommodate a new friend, or five.

Two weeks before I’d been in San Francisco for work, and I’d planned to do some of that work from Steamworks, my local when I’m in SF. Some people have a local pub that’s where they go when they’re in a particular town, but for me, it’s always a local sauna, if such is available, and Steamworks is mine. It was 11:30am on a Friday and I had had a light breakfast and sufficient coffee when I walked up to the door and walked in. Unlike my usual Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when the place is so packed you have to wait in a line that stretches out the door and into the street, I only had to wait for one person in front of me before I went to check in. I knew that this time and day would be more lightly traveled but I didn’t care, I had work in my laptop and if nothing else there’s a good hot tub to soak in. I immediately got a room, another sign of a slow day, but that was what I wanted.

As I walked into the semi-dark of the space, I could feel my body relax into itself. Any place where I can hunt for and have sex has this effect on my body, as if every stress tensed muscle relaxes into a different form or semi-tension, one that is far more enjoyable to me. I took my key, towel and TV remote and wandered off to find my room. I was pleased to see that the space wasn’t completely empty, there were definitely a few guys here already and cruising, and they didn’t look like drugged out left-overs from the night before. All good signs.

I found my room, put nearly everything into the box that gets locked under the small bed, and wandered off to clean up and clean out. I didn’t know what I’d find today, tops, bottoms, verses, but I wanted to be prepared for all the eventualities. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re only going to top but finding a very hot top and not being able to bottom. One of the nice things about this sauna is that the bathrooms have hose attachments to clean out and their vending machines, which take tap cards and the like, dispense disposable hoses. The hoses probably cost fifty cents and sell for six bucks, who knows, this may be the highest return on investment of anything in the space, but it’s convenient so I don’t bring my own, just buy a disposable for each trip. I found an empty toilet, and got to work.

The hot tub seemed the most likely place to relax once I was clean, so I went off to sit in the hot water and bubbles and noticed that the crowd was starting to pick up. I guess people take Fridays off to relax, at least in the way I like to relax. I wrapped my towel around one of the thick bars that act as a fence, and hand rail around the tub and got in. I was the only one there but that was also fine, I was going to relax before starting the chase. The tub has a view of a large projection screen showing porn, and one of the sets of open showers, a perfect place to window shop. Even without my glasses, which I never wear while at the sauna, I can pick out my types from the tub.

I’d only been sitting for a few minutes when I saw a guy give me a look as he entered the steam room that is to the right of the showers. He had the right shape and gave off the right something, whatever, that I like so I got out of the tub, dried and went to see if he was going to be hanging out in the room. The steam room is a smallish room that’s a maze of tiled walls, floor and benches, where you can sit and steam, or play in steam. A few of the guys I’d seen when I’d arrived were here but so was the man who’d given me the look. I remembered the dark hair, the round face and the average body that was a bit round in the middle, but I hadn’t seen him up close or at the right angle to judge his height, which was a bit less than mine, or that his main body hair was a hot patch on the middle of his chest, and wiry black on his legs. I thought he might be Latin, but I couldn’t be sure, and, it did really matter, his face was just what I wanted, round and smiling. He was looking directly at me so I knew that that first look was a real look and I went to introduce myself.

Of course introductions in a steam room are a bit different than in other places. I stood in front of him and smiled and reached out to touch his chest, and he leaned in for a kiss, a nice and direct, “Hello.” and he kissed well. We were both hard pretty quickly, which wasn’t surprising to me, as I’d not had sex in many days, and hadn’t even cum by my own hand in the last 24 hours, since this was a planned sauna visit. I went down to blow him, and rubbed my shoulders and held my head then pulled me up for a kiss. Now he was very hard and we went at each other pretty intensely, which, in steam heat, is also pretty tiring. At one point he asked, “Can I call you Daddy?” to which my answer is always, “Sure.” and mentally followed up with an unspoken, “You can call me whatever, just keep having sex.” He was happy and started gasping, “Daddy…” and other words I mostly ignored as we continued to enjoy each other. “I’ve got a room.”, I said, “Great.” and we wrapped our towels around us and left the steam.

We went back to my room and started in on the same mode, kissing, oral, kissing, etc. He really was a great kisser. Of late I’d been called on to top more than bottom and I was interested in riding this ride, so I put him on his back on the mattress and smiled and made to sit astride him. He smiled and kissed me and lubed himself with spit and made a little push. I wasn’t’ sure if I could do this without actual lube, but I’d forgotten to buy any from the vending machine and with the thought of, “Spit and shove or it ain’t love.” I pushed myself down, and him in, which worked really well. I was instantly hard and dripping pre cum on his sternum as I rode him, and I’d take a few strokes then arch over for a kiss. He really wanted to suck me while I was riding him but our geometry didn’t’ really allow for this so I’d switch back and forth. In the steam I’d sucked him more than he had me but now that we were alone in the room and playing I realized he was quite good, and that, this being my first play of the day, I might cum too quick if I let him have his way.

Eventually, after many back and forth, his mouth got the better of me and with a serious roar I came and filled his mouth. He spit my cum out and kissed me. I don’t care if they swallow but I figure, you already have it, why not go all the way? As my own excitement mellowed to bliss I realized that he really loved oral more and had been fucking me because it made me hard for his mouth. It was time for me to make him cum so I decided to see if I could get him to cum down my throat and after some more kissing and tasting my own cum on his tongue I took the ultimate cleaning test. If you want to know if you’ve cleaned out perfectly, suck a cock that’s just fucked you. I was happy to find that I’d done a good job, and quickly had him hard, panting, and jamming my head down on his cock so hard my eyes happily watered. He was well excited from all of our play and in a few minutes I had taken his load all the way down down down into me. We lay panting then with a comment of, “Shower”, we both got up, wrapped towels around ourselves, kissed and went off to the showers.

Clean and warmed by the shower and the hot tub I returned to my room and opened the locker under the bed. It was time to work. I had a PhD dissertation to review and comment on and this is a perfect refractory time activity. “The only time a man’s mind is clear is the 15 minutes after an orgasm.”, a friend had told me in our 20s and I didn’t to waste the time. I spent the next couple of hours wrapped in my towel, cross legged on the bed, reading and commenting on the draft, relaxed, comfortable, happy and focused. At some point I dashed off a text to an academic friend asking, “Is is customary to acknowledge the sauna where you’ve done work on a piece of writing?” “Sure, seems appropriate.” was his reply, but I decided not to require the student to add this to their thesis.

Work now completed I went back to see how crowded the place had become after lunch. It was still filling with more people who either take Fridays off, or who have a similarly loose view of what work from home means. I went wandering to the back to see if anyone was using the blow job space, the up/down space where the top can stand on a platform that puts his cock a standing bottoms’ mouth, and one of my favorite pieces of playground equipment. There were a few guys here, not playing, but then I saw a guy who I knew I wanted. He was half a head shorter than me with not a slim but a somewhat wiry build, a light dusting of dark body hair, and a very short haircut, not quite buzzed but only a few levels removed from it. He was looking at me with a hunger that was unmistakable and we didn’t speak at all but immediately began to kiss. “You have a room?”, he asked, and I showed him my orange room key in response (locker keys are black) and off we walked. He grabbed my hand and did not let go until we got into the room, where we stripped off our towels and started to kiss again. “You’re top?”, “Yes”, because why bother with explanations when he clearly wanted to bottom and I was happy to top. He jumped on the bed doggy style and presented his ass, lubed it, and then lubed me. I sprang to attention, which, even with a dick pill and an hour rest was surprising to me. Usually I need a bit more but clearly something about him was making me hard and ready. He pushed back on me and we started up a rhythm.

To say that he was a hungry bottom would be an understatement. Every time I needed a rest, and these became more frequent as we played, he’d grab me as if I was going to leave, which I certainly was not, and find another position to get me inside him. The more we played the more his need, part of which was emotional, became apparent. I realized the wanted more than sex, and, well, that’s not what I was here for. I figured I’d get him off and make him relax and it’d all be good. The problem was that he was so active it was hard for me to get off or to get him off. Finally, I realized he didn’t want to cum but wanted me to cum in him, and I knew that at this pace and with this level of need that was going to be difficult. I finally pinned him to my side, kissed him relentlessly and blew a load by hand over us both. He was sad I’d not cum in side but I explained that it was my 2nd of the day and I just couldn’t.

I said the usual, “Shower.” hoping he’d get the hint, but, well, he didn’t. He followed me to the shower and then when I got in the tub, sat facing me, on my lap, and tried put my soft cock back inside him. Now, I’m not averse to fooling around in a hot tub in a sauna but this was getting to be too much. I pried him off of me with a lot of apologies for being tired, and said I’d love to play with him again once I got my breath. He seemed to accept this and went off to find others to play with, or at least didn’t come back to chase me. He’d been fun but there is always that risk that someone will pattern on to you in ways that you don’t want in this space and you have to be prepared for that.

So now it was two weeks later and a Thursday night and I thought I’d try my chances again. This time there was no one in line when I arrived and it seemed as if the night would truly be dead, but, again, there is always the hot tub, so I paid my money, got a different room, and went in to see what I could see. I followed the same pattern as two weeks before, drop clothes, clean up and out, but this time I remembered to buy lube. I was in the mood to bottom if I could find a good top and nothing was gonna get in the way of my fun this night, slow or not.

As I wandered around the space, looking into the few open rooms, checking out the hot tub, going to the playground in the back, I didn’t see many guys my type, or guys at all, but I told myself it was just after dinner on a week night and things might fill up before midnight, when I wanted to back at my hotel to sleep before an early drive the next day.

Eventually I kept myself to the hot tub, dry sauna, and steam. Even without sex I was going to be relaxed. I went to checkout the playground and took a seat on a bench facing the blow job jungle gym to see what I could see.

Then the guy with the hat showed up. Slim, muscular, round face, short hair, black trucker hat. Men sometimes wear hats as they age because they think their hair is thinning, but often, they’re wrong and silly and vain. The smile I got from this guy let me know that I’d find out which one he was. He smiled broadly at me and that was enough, I stood up and touched his hairless chest, and he rubbed the fur on mine. He gave me a peck on the lips, not a real kiss, something more tentative, which would usually be a turn off but his eyes showed so bright and black at me that I was captivated. He introduced himself by name, Jeff, and told me he was shy. He might have been shy but he kept touching me and grabbing me and he was rock hard just talking there so I needed to turn this shy into something else. We kept having this pecking kisses, and I realized what they were doing to me, they made me want him even more, to see how much I could get from his lips. “Room?” I asked and he followed me off to my room, though he stopped to talk to someone, “I came with a friend.” he said, and it seemed this was just a friend rather than a boyfriend or someone more intimate. The friend wasn’t my type, probably around my age, and without the type of face I like, but I’m sure nice enough, and since the friend didn’t have a hold on my shy friend it was all good to me.

We got into my room and continued with the pecking kisses, and then I went down on him to taste him. “What time did you get here?”, “8, I think.”, “I just got here.” “Lucky me” we had a little conversation between the pecks and the oral. I noticed that each peck got a bit deeper, a bit more lip, a bit more tongue, so this was going my way. “You’re bottom?” “Yes”, because again why explain when what I wanted was a competent top for the hour or the evening. He put on a condom and handed me the lube.

Now, I’m not a fan of condoms now that we’re all supposedly on Truvada and the like but there is a complex calculus that goes into if I’ll get fucked by one, which includes variables like how recently I’ve had a good topping, the size of the top, how turned on I am, phase of the moon, and probably a bunch of other things I’ve forgotten. No matter, I was gonna try him with plastic. I wanted doggy but he said, “No, I want to see your face.”, which is a compliment even if it complicates my pleasure so I got on my back and faced him face up and he pushed in slowly and competently, “Finally!” screamed my brain and pretty much every other nerve fiber in my body. He started up a rhythm and then went for my cock, but I really didn’t want to shoot soon so I got him to stop that for a bit. I discovered his love of his own tits and started on those, and checked his responses. “Like this.” and he strummed my thumbs over his nipples, which turned out to be his favorite. Then he looked me in the eyes and asked, “You like Filipino’s?” to which the answer is, “I like you.” because it’s just fucking stupid to play into someone’s race or perceived type, especially during sex.

The more I turned him on the better his rhythm was, until I realized we were fucking to the house music blaring over the speakers. Say what you want about any type of music, but, in a sauna, you want something with a regular thump, it just works out better. His kisses never got fully deep, but that was OK, which surprised me, but whatever, when the sex is good just go with it. “Cuddle?” and he pulled out and then pulled me down next to him and had me lick and play with his nipples while he stroked my cock. I wanted to suck him more so we got him to stand next to the bed and feed me his cock, but it was curved and rock hard in a way that was really difficult, so I got him into 69, which, with his shape, was perfect. He could get all the way down and he loved it, keeping my fingers on his nipples all the time. After choking a few times we switched positions with him directly on top of me, and I realized he liked frottage as well. Now, frottage is not my thing and doesn’t keep me hard, but, if it makes the other person hard, I’m there for it. I flicked his nipples, he rubbed on me, kissed me, then turned his head, rubbed more and sighed and breathed hard. I wondered if he could get off like this, I was intrigued to find out. Again we switched positions and I wanted to get fucked without the condom but he didn’t want to not to so suddenly we were side by side stroking each other and I thought I could make him cum first but I lost the race and came first, a big fountain over us both. He pecked me again and got up, “Shower?” “Yeah” and I thought, “Great that was fun, now to find some more.”

As the night wore on I kept running into him, getting pecks and chatting, and I realized he was really into me, and I was really into him. Normally I don’t do repeats at a sauna but sometimes, for someone truly fun, well…

He had the room across from mine, which was ironic, and I walked into his but as we started to play decided to go back to mine. It was the same but different, better, because I think he’d realized that I was the guy he wanted to play with that night. We started to fuck again, with a condom, and he was now even more excited and doing a great job. I kept myself in the optimal position for him and never left his nipples, no matter what we were doing. Fucking, frottage, whatever, kept at those nipples because this time I was gonna make him shoot. He got me hard again and was impressed, and I decided not to explain that this was my one superpower, and I could tell he wanted to make me cum again, but there was no way I was losing the race again. Then, at one point, after several hot minutes of frottage he sat back on his haunches, lifted my legs, and without a condom, entered me. Sex without plastic is always 1000 times better, and I almost came with his first few strokes, but I was still in it to win it. “Look at me.” and I looked deep into his black eyes and he drank in mine. Now we were fucking and frottage back and forth and he never let my fingers leave his nipples. I knew I was going to win this round but I had no idea how. Ass, mouth, rubbing, which would it be. He’d fucked me for 20 minutes at a time More than once by now, and I was blissed out but focused enough to keep him going. He was rubbing on me, head to the side, breathing hard, when I knew he was going to cum, and suddenly he leaned over my face and blew a monumental load all over me, then collapsed, jumped back up and grabbed a towel to clean me off. “Yeah!” was my only statement and then I got him next to me, holding me, pecking kisses, and he grabbed my cock and would not let go until I was empty.

I knew I was done for the night, thanked him and said I’d go clean off and head home. We exchanged numbers because I knew I’d be visiting in a couple of months and was willing for a rematch. He said he was going to find his friend, and then we texted each other a couple of photos so we’d remember who’s number this actually was.

“I’m going home also.” he texted, “Because you’re not here anymore.” Sweet but not too clingy. He offered me a ride and I waited outside for him and his friend. They were heading to a ramen shop not far from my hotel, and we chatted in the car, about our names, families, small talk. His friend was in the back seat but when I got out at the hotel switch to shotgun. I held out my hand to say goodbye to his friend but received a hug instead, “Next time maybe we’ll all play.” said the friend, “Next time!” I replied, and I was in a good enough mood that I could almost see a 3 some with them, even though I was much more into Jeff than his friend, sometimes, camaraderie trumps attraction. Next time.



Stories and essays about gay men, sex and friendship in a post PrEP world.

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