There Need Be Only One

It’s not always a good thing when you get to a sex party and the first person you see is the one you want. For one thing you’re at a party to sample not just pack your plate with one dish. Another thing is what if he’s not into you? Then you wind up wasting time chasing that one, to no avail.

I’d seen him in line to get in, short, average build, and a face I liked. There were others of interest to me but he shone out as the one. I consciously put him out of my mind so I could keep a broader focus. I’d arrived promptly at noon, because a lunchtime bear party is fun but the fun is concentrated in the first hour or so, some of these people are taking their lunch hour, and this certainly beats three martinis, and is cheaper to boot.

I paid my money and got a clothes hanger on which to hang all my clothes as this party is either naked or underwear/jock, and that means, for me, naked. We have to wear shoes and I was in my black Danners, which had yet to be christened with cum, but I had hopes. I shucked my clothes in my usual 30 seconds and returned my hanger, now fully loaded, to the guy working the desk. I turned around and sure enough couldn’t find the one I wanted, but that was fine, it was time to take the walk.

The space had been rearranged a bit since my last visit, but the furniture itself was the same as ever. First room has two small bathrooms off of it as well as a water cooler, sodas, and cups. There is a couch here but mostly for resting and not fucking. There’s a wash up area with heated wash clothes in a hot cabinet, very civilized. The next two spaces are created by the placement of curtains which now surround a king size bed, then a large room at the back with a sling, more couches, and low benches on which to play. The curtains in the middle room form hallways on the right and left of the space, next to the exposed brick walls, and it was along the right hand hallway that I started my hunt.

I came upon someone I was sure I’d played with a year ago, the last time I’d been to one of these parties and I was definitely happy to try for a repeat with him. Maybe 5'7" tall, not fat but rounded everywhere, some sort of tatt on his chest, and glasses. Glasses can often seal a deal for me, there is something about a guy in specs that turns me on. We kissed and I knew it was him and started to play a bit but then the interest waned and we both went off to find some other fun.

I walked into the very back room and there he was, the man from the line, but he was already playing with someone, and it was someone I wasn’t initially attracted to. It’s just plain rude to try to butt in to others play so even though I could feel my need pumping my blood through my body, I looked around the rest of the room, but then the man from the line saw me, and reached out a hand to touch me. Like vampires, players are barred from your play, unless you invite one in, then, well, it’s all good.

I leaned down to see if he was a kisser, and received his soft lips on mine while the big bear he’d been playing with went to work on his nipples, and stroked his thick, uncut, pyramidal cock. The nice thing about cocks that get thicker toward the base is they’re great for face fucking, or at least my face likes to be fucked by them, but I concentrated on the kiss first, which got deeper very quickly, and which told me that this man was going to be fun.

The big bear wanted some other type of play and it was hard to figure out what he wanted because he was a bit awkward. Some guys can be big and heavy and still move like ballet dancers in bed, but this guy was not one of them. Eventually we all figured out that he wanted was to get the man from the line onto the bench and maybe fuck him, but that was not his thing, and so that changed to me kneeling on the floor, deep throating my man, while the big bear got over his face and shoved his cock down the guy’s throat. This seemed to work for all of us, my man from the line was super hard and I could taste precum, the big bear seemed entertained and I was jacking my rock hard cock and trying to hold off so we could play longer. A few more position changes and then I figured it was time to let them play alone, which seemed polite. I wandered off to wash up and check the rest of the crowd.

After taking a piss, wiping down with a hot cloth, and using some mouthwash I wandered off to check out more people. I found my round guy with the glasses again but he wasn’t interested, and then I checked out a few other randoms, but didn’t’ find anything to my liking. I went to the front room for some water and then saw my man from the line cleaning up nearby. I wondered if he had already cum, and to test this theory I walked over and kissed him again, this time wrapping him in my arms. A nice part of being big is that I can wrap men nearly completely in my arms unless they’re very big bears, and this man was not bearish at all. His cock started to harden, so I figured even if he had cum, he was good for another round.

Without the other guy around my man from the line became very focused on me, but where to play so that we could really enjoy each other. It’s rude to chase everyone away when you’re at a party, but this party has few, if any, private spaces to hide in. The room right next to the cleaning station has a couch, and it’s rarely used, so I kissed him and simultaneously moved us both towards that, using my kisses as breadcrumbs to lead him to where we needed to be.

I sat on the couch, which put my mouth right at the height of his cock, which was perfect for me, but, it turned out, not for him. He wanted nipped play first, and leaned down so I could get at his favorite side. The gasp he let out made it totally worth it, and he held my head in both his arms gently and firmly, which always makes me hard, and I was leaking precum on the couch in no time. Now we built up a rhythm, kisses, nipples, cock, round and round until I was deliciously dizzy with it all. I could tell that he, like me, liked oral, but I did discover that a bit of fingering on his hole also made him excited, so now I had another thing to do to drive him wild, and after all, that’s the point of all this, to push the man you’re playing with to new heights of pleasure.

We changed sides and I sat him down on the couch and kneeled down in front of him. When I went down on him I could tell he was closer to cumming than he’d been since we started playing, so I jacked myself up to near ejaculation and decided to see if I could get his load and we could shoot at the same time. I put my left hand up and played with his most sensitive nipple and I knew he’d go soon, then he told me, “Soon, gonna cum.” and I grunted to tell him to give me it. I felt it start then let my own load go at the same time. He forced me down and there was no escaping the fountain that went past my tonsils and warmed my insides. It seemed to take minutes to finish ejaculating, but I knew it was only 30 seconds or so. I sat back on my haunches and smiled, and he leaned down and we kissed the taste of his and my cocks and juices mixing on our tongues.

“Thanks!” was all we said and then we both unfolded ourselves from what were now obviously uncomfortable positions. We went to wash up and I gave him my name, and he gave me his, at which point I learned several things, first being he was Japanese, his name being a dead give away, and then I addressed him in his native tongue and we discussed where we’d both lived in Tokyo, which turned out to be adjacent neighborhoods. “I’m going to leave, but…” he said, “I can give you my number.” I replied before he finished, because at least from the first kiss and sex this guy should be a keeper. We went up to the front and I gave him my number and told him to text me.

Once he’d left I decided to do one more loop but after an hour the lunch party starts to thin, as many of these folks are going back to the office after their lunch break. I handed in my ticket, retrieved my clothes, and dressed. “Did you have fun?” the desk guy asked, and I said, “Yup, sometimes it only takes one.” As I left the doorman/security guy straighter my jacket collar, which was amusingly intimate but a nice way to bracket a nice play time. I went back out into the bustling city, with a lighter step, and lighter balls, and hoped my new friend would really use the number I’d given him. I definitely wanted many more rounds from him.



Stories and essays about gay men, sex and friendship in a post PrEP world.

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