There’s Always the Hot Tub

“What are you into?”, he said while reaching under my towel to check my cock, “Well, first I have to pee.”, I replied. I’d just checked in to my room, and had been holding my piss for at least 20 minutes before that, so it was not a line, it was true. I gave him a quick peck and went to relieve myself. When I came back he was gone, clearly he’d thought it was a line. “There’s always the hot tub.” a friend had wisely pointed out about this place years ago, which is to say that even if you didn’t get any sex during a visit at least you could relaxing in other ways. I decided that for now I’d skip the tub and continue to look for men to play with.

I found him in the very back of the play spaces, where there is a large, U shaped, platform for blowjobs. Using a platform makes it possible for both the giver and the receiver to stand while they play. The guy I’d just met was standing on the platform, getting blown, but he saw me and smiled so I went up the three steps to the top section, and kissed him, while a guy with a shaved head blew him. When we met in the hallway I’d notice his handsome, round face, and a few tatts, but not how luxurious his grey hair was, and so now, as we kissed and he got sucked I ran my hand through his hair. “You want to eat my ass?”, is a pretty direct question and since I wanted to do would naturally following from eating his hole I replied with, “I have a room.” We both gave the blowjob bottom an affectionate touch of good bye and then went to my room, which was quite near the blowjob platform.

We entered and immediately stripped off our towels and started kissing again. He had this wonderful way of kissing, more like a gentle suck, and his lips were thick and encircled my mouth perfectly. I sucked my own finger and put it between his ass cheeks to see how he’d react, and he pushed his face up into mine kissing me even more deeply. I gently moved him to the bed and got him in the doggy position, then knelt on the floor to get the best access for some tongue action. I heard the intake of air that indicated he was taking a hit of poppers and the moment he breathed out I launched into him. He let out a moan and I dug my tongue in as deeply as I could, then drew it out and made circles around his hole, then back in again. He was very clean and tasted great, almost like tasting blood, a very slight taste of iron on his flesh. The warmth and intimacy and his moans of course resulted in a bouncing boner for me and since he was the first person I’d played with, in fact he was possibly the first person I’d even cruised that day, I wanted to be careful not to waste my shot before we had our fun. “Are you going to breed me?”, he asked, and even though I find the term stupid, when I’m mid sex I am very forgiving of such porn inspired silliness. Instead of moving directly to fucking him, I stood up, pulled him off the bed into a standing position and kissed him again, so he could taste what I’d been tasting. He kissed me even deeper than before, the ass eating had relaxed him nicely, and I could tell he was very turned on now. A few minutes more of kissing and then back down as doggy so I could get him a bit more wet. I knew that I’d need lube too, but I hate eating lube so I ate his ass even more since I figured this was the last taste I’d get before I fucked him. I put a bit of lube on him, tested him with a finger, then lubed my cock as well. My tongue had told me that he was already open enough for me to fuck but I made sure to take it easy to start, no good breaking your toys right after you have unwrapped them. He took another huff of poppers and I got all the way inside him. The bed was a big high, because my legs are a bit short, but at least I wasn’t standing on point like a ballet dancer, and this position, bottom doggy on the bed while I’m standing remains the most generally pleasurable for me. We fucked like that for a while, until my legs told me that I had to change position. I rotated him so he was long ways on the bed and instead of doggy he went flat. Not my favorite position but now I was very turned on, and so was he, so I thought I’d try this. His ass was just small enough that I could get all the way into him in this position, and wonderfully soft so that all round my cock and pelvis was warm whenever I was in full length. I tried for a set of near push ups and his moans and calls got louder and more frequent. I realized that I actually could cum in this way so I increased my push ups until I would have made any drill sergeant proud. “You want it?”, the universal pre cum check, “Oh yeah!”, and with that permission I filled him with my first load of the day, and then gently came to rest on top of him, panting, as was he. I pulled slowly out and we stood up. I started sucking him but he put me off with, “I don’t have to cum yet.” “OK, but I’m happy to if you want.” “Let’s shower.”, and we put on our towels to walk to the showers. I gave him one last kiss before we left the tiny room.

I took my shower and then sat in the hot tub. One of the nice features of this sauna is a hot tub can fit at least 10 people, which I guess makes it more of a hot pool, but, whatever, its great to sit in between bouts, and sometimes you meet your next playmate while relaxing from your last. There were only two or three guys in the tub and none of them piqued my interest, so I went back to my room to work.

Ever since I read Love in the Time of Cholera as a much younger man I have been enamored with the idea of living in a sauna. In the novel the main character lives for a time in a whore house, waiting for the woman he loves to ditch her husband, and for me, living in a sauna has a similar level of romance. I went back to my room and closed the door, took out my laptop and connected to the sauna’s Wi-Fi network. There were the usual emails and messages and I set about working through these during my refractory period.

I could feel my cock starting to rebound, as it pressed up against the bottom of the towel which lay across my lap with my laptop on top of it. It had been more than 30 minutes so it seemed like a good time to put away my work and get back to a different kind of work. I put everything back in my storage cupboard, put on my towel and returned to the hunt.

Walking the aisles past other rooms looking for fun I ran into a short, well built, guy with a shaved head and strategically placed tattoos. None of the tattoos were large but each one was a different geometric pattern, and they looked like some kind of control points for an android. One between his shoulders, one on the small of his back, one each on the inside of his wrists and a few others similarly placed. He smiled and I reached out to touch his chest. We kissed. I had this feeling we’d played before but then thought it might just be that he was so much my type that I wanted to think that. Unless someone brings it up, the past does not matter in the sauna, there is only the present, and I preferred this present to talking about any past. I told him I had a room and we wandered off to go play. We started kissing in the room and I got him on the bed on his back. We went back and forth blowing each other in a kneeling position on the bed, with the guy getting sucked kneeling and the guy doing the sucking in a doggy position. I thought about fucking him but then he put me transverse on the bed, pulled my ass towards his face and began to eat me like a starving man. I was a bit worried because I hadn’t’ yet prepared for this but I had showered so I knew that at least where he was now was clean, and then he kissed me, and that confirmed it. He didn’t want to only pleasure me in this way though, as he stood up, spit on his cock, and pushed in. Turns out I was more ready than I thought and I was perfectly happy with his cock, and his rhythm and my cock showed it by dripping cum on my hairy belly, which he ran an index finger through, like a kid licking icing off their birthday cake, and then ate it. He kept my ankles on his shoulders and then kissed my calves, all while still fucking me. I thought I could cum but instead preferred to enjoy the ride. After all I’d only been at the sauna for an hour and a half and I’d already cum once. I reached down and held one of his ass cheeks and that quickened his pace. “Do it.” I told him and then he did, and I could feel his hot cum inside me. He pulled me up to face him as he pulled out and we kissed, and then agreed to go shower.

Shower, hot tub, back to work again. I pulled out the laptop and had a long instant message conversation with a colleague. It might be juvenile but being able to work in this environment gives me the giggles.

Another 30 minutes and I felt I was ready again and since I had to leave in an hour or so I thought that whoever I met up with this time I’d definitely cum, so I could get in two good shots during this visit. I saw a cute, very short, slim, guy up on the platform but this one wasn’t playing. He smiled and I went up to him, leaned down, and kissed him. He couldn’t have been more than 5'3" tall and he just kept grinning at me whenever we stopped kissing. Again the offer of a room was made and accepted, but this time with a caveat, “Can we use condoms?” “For anal? Sure. You don’t mean for oral, right?” “Of course not for oral!” Phew, I thought, some times guys want super safe sex, and even back in the day, sucking on plastic was a bright red line for me. Again there were two of us naked and kissing in the tiny room. I could feel that he wanted to say something whenever we stopped kissing and I thought I knew what it was. “Oh….Daddy!” And there it was, and sure he was probably 25 years younger than I was, so if he wanted to play that game I could do it, so long as it was only in bed. I’ll play any game you want in the bed if it turns you on and isn’t harmful, but outside, we must always be equals. “Oh you like being boy?” I started the patter with him. And we went on from there, and every time I referred him as “my boy” I could see his cock, with its incredible downward curve, jump. I sucked him and played with his hole. He was huffing poppers and his hole was opening a lot, tongue then one finger, then two, I wondered how much he could take, but I was more interested in getting my cock in him than an afternoon of fisting. I kept him on his back and put on a condom, and this is how I knew he was very hot, because the only way I can stay hard in a condom, now that I rarely use them, is if the bottom is very very hot to me. We fucked for a while and then inevitably the condom made me soft so I pulled out and we went back to oral. Now the “Daddy” patter was coming through a lot so I knew that he was having a good time. I told him I wanted my boy’s juice, without laughing which is my natural inclination in any verbal scene, but first I fucked him one more time, this time in doggy style. My hands were big enough to hold most of each of his ass cheeks and I pounded him for all I could, then pulled out, flipped him over, and got him to cum in my mouth. “You from here?” he asked after we’d finally stopped panting. “Visiting, but I come here often, do you want my number?” He did and so we went to his locker where he entered my number and called me so I’d have his.

Shower, hot tub, but this time back to the hunt.

It was getting towards when I’d have to leave to meet a friend for dinner so I went looking for my final plays of the day. I saw my silver haired man back on the blowjob platform and I went around to see if he wanted more play. “You want it?” “Of course” and I stood on the bottom side and swallowed his cock all the way down until my breathing stopped. He’d clearly been edging the whole day because it was after only a few minutes of ministrations that he grunted and unloaded down my throat. While I still had him in my mouth I unloaded on the floor. I wonder how much mopping needs to get done to keep this place clean. “I had a big load”, he said, which I thought was funny, because I felt that I should have been the judge of that, and I judged his load to only be above average. Still, it was fun, and I wasn’t going to argue with his self assessment. I gave him a friendly pat on the ass as a goodbye, went off to shower, again, then dress and go back into the world to get some dinner. It had been a productive day, in all senses of the word.



Stories and essays about gay men, sex and friendship in a post PrEP world.

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