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3 Lessons Taught By an Article about My Biggest Fear

#2. Writing evokes hope instead of vulnerability

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In April 2021, my country again withstood escalating Covid-19 cases. The infection rate was disastrous despite all vaccinations.

I, who already had lost some relatives to Covid-19, was afraid. As life doesn’t remain the same when you lose one of your dear ones.

The spectacle of people desperately struggling for breath was heartbreaking. A feeling of dread was in the air about recurrence.

Worst of all, I didn’t have someone to console me back then, unlike other matters. As no one himself knew when the situation will get better, or if it will ever get better.

As soon as we are hopeful of getting hold of the virus’s situation, a new variant comes to wreak life in a slightly different way. This invisible fear was haunting my nightmares, so I sought help from writing.

As a novice writer on Medium back in April, I was reluctant about writing on my battles, and vulnerability.

But I had to do something as expressively writing my feelings for myself (in my journal) wasn’t helping me.

So, I wrote an article entitled The Worst Suffering In Pandemic Days. And discussed all my battles and fears in another guise. I talked about all things that were eating out my heart and of people around the globe.

Main points from that article

  • Anticipated stress has nothing to do with illness from infection, yet it is worst suffering.
  • Stressful thoughts on pandemic days can lead to mental illness.
  • People who never suffered from this disease till now, are suffering more from their imagination.
  • And of course, we can do little to control our future, but we can control our present and our stressful thoughts.

Lessons from that article?

1. Writing on what you don’t know helps in ‘real life’:

Research for writing gives a shape to shapeless thoughts. And we dig deeper into that stuff to find reasons.

Knowing roots of that subject (in my case fear), it’s easy to take care of that stuff by considering one thing at a time. So did I.

During thorough research for that article, I learned how I was spoiling the time I’ve got. That stress was steering me to depression. And it would have devoid me from what I had.

My words were ensuring me that nothing can be gained with nurturing sorrows and hopelessness. Instead, it will cost me more mental and neurological illnesses as researchers ascertained.

That article told me that reality couldn’t be worse than thoughts in my mind. And so, that researches actually got me out of that stressful mode.

Had I not been writing for public, I would never bother to dig deeper into that topic. And would have let that hidden enemy to eat my heart.

Now when other writers ask me to write only about what I know, I disagree with them. As writing on unfamiliar things makes them known. Maybe it will not make that story popular, but it will help me.

As it can help you, too. As research adds new things in ‘what you already know’ list.

So, feel free to write about what you don’t know as,

“The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. ” ―Benjamin Disraeli

Image by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

2. Writing evokes hope instead of vulnerability

I, for example, in that article asked readers (and myself) to not worry about things that can spoil this moment. A hidden enemy is stalking, but practically very few things are in our control. So, bothering about things that are beyond our control isn’t going to help. I quoted J.K. Rowling in that article,

“What’s coming will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” J.K. Rowling

And hope sparked.

It made me question my worries. I figured out how ridiculous it is to worry about things that are beyond control.

And I had to take these words to let go of thoughts that were letting me down.

In last paragraph a reader decides whether to come again for your articles or never look back your way again. So, when you sum up things, it gives a new direction to your thoughts, too.

I added a quote from Anne Franck’s book about hope to sum up my article. And it made me realize that this hidden enemy has jeopardized our lives but it’s nowhere near that war.

So why should someone lose hope? What options are left by leaving hope? Despair lurking outside can easily find shelter inside a human. And that parasite feeds itself on gloomy thoughts.

That article killed that parasite. And, I, who was afraid of vulnerability got a brand new experience.

So, if you too are facing some fear, write on it for the sake of publishing. It sure will evoke hope for yourself as well.

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.” - Robert Tew.

3. A new direction to writing:

In the physical world, maybe vulnerability can make you weak. But when you write a well-researched article on your that experience, you are not vulnerable, you are strong. Because

Firstly, you are brave enough to talk about your battles, to share your heart.

Secondly, you give a lesson and hope to your reader despite your own worries.

And all of them in turn helps you.


  1. Writing on what you don’t know will make you well aware of the roots of that stuff.

2. Sharing vulnerability helps you by stimulating hope.

3. One article can make you bold enough to write others of such a kind.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody should expect perfection. We all humans are perfect as we have a chance to grow and get better each day.

So, if you too are thinking about this vulnerability, let it go as it will prove how to show up you’ve been. And your research will further help you in banishing those thoughts. So, write what you want instead of writing what you know. But, with research and message. It sure will help you as it helped me.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” -Anne Frank



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