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I Was Called a “Little Girl” in My Twenties

Everyday misogyny

Photo by Fleur Kaan on Unsplash

I am not a little girl.

As I was interviewing someone on the phone, he blurted out:


Which translates to:

Hey, little girl, don’t you know…

Hm. I am almost halfway through my twenties. Am I a little girl? Even if I am, that does not sound okay from a grown man.

It was condescending.

It was patronizing.

It was infantilizing.

It was as if I am a naive person who doesn’t know better.

Why would he have called me 妹妹仔 (little girl) in the first place? Was it because I asked something that sounded offensive to him, and he had to minimize me as a person to regain personal autonomy? I did ask a question that basically inquired whether he has broken covid restrictions (or laws). I imagined he got defensive and had to take it out on me.

The real question was: Would he have called a male interviewer 小弟弟 (little boy)?

For someone to use such a term as 妹妹仔 (little girl), there has to be some form of internalized subordination of women. There has to be some deep-rooted ignorance of women’s feelings. Had they not realized men have been actively oppressing women in the past?

The thought that tons of women out there might still be minimized by men’s language saddens me.

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