Consistency is everything

With Friday and a long weekend kicking off, it is very tempting to ‘only’ do what’s needed and ‘just’ deal with the rest on Tuesday. But much like anything else that yields substantial returns in the long run – whether it is investing in capital markets or training for a performance – consistency and discipline is critical for success.

Tim Grover – the “last guy to call” for Jordan, Kobe, Wade, etc – often says that ‘just’ and ‘only’ are dangerous words. It really comes down to a mindset and deciding to always go all-in as ‘you are only as good as the results of your last call’

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Raphael is an adventurer, strategist and life-learner. Aside from building game-changing technologies in the healthcare space, he recently launched a podcast – The Canvas Project ( – where he shares stories of how everyday leaders are designing their lives to enhance performance and drive results.