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11 Companies Suspected Of Crypto Trading Were Closed By China Central Bank

The Shenzhen Center Branch of People’s Bank of China announced that 46 companies were being investigated for virtual currency trading. The Central Bank of Shenzhen Province issued a notice to shut down the crypto trading activities of 11 companies with immediate effects.

Local reports claim that the Shenzhen branch of the Chinese central bank had compiled a list of 46 companies involved in illegal virtual currency trade.

To identify and correct illegal virtual currency, This branch has rectified a well-known domestic financial website that had violated foreign currency trading companies, the Shenzhen branch’s special task force was established.

Colin Wu, Chinese journalist writes:

The Shenzhen branch of the Central Bank of China recently launched a special crackdown on illegal cryptocurrency trading activities and shut down 11 companies suspected of conducting illegal virtual currency activities.

- Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) August 17, 2021

Originally published at on August 17, 2021.




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