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3 Promising Metaverse Coins You Shouldn't Miss In 2022


We can exist as digital personas in the parallel virtual world known as the metaverse. According to the IT sector, the metaverse is the future of interpersonal interactions and business transactions across various industries.

There are presently dozens of metaverse cryptocurrencies available for investment, making it challenging to distinguish between those that are genuine and those that are not.

To help you decide which ones are worthwhile investments, I have chosen to create an article on the subject.

Here, I’ll give you an overview of three excellent metaverse projects that I believe will rule the upcoming bull market.

1. Altura

Altura is a blockchain initiative that seeks to transform the “ownership” component of gaming.

Analysts predict that by 2023, there will be 3.07 billion gamers worldwide, so Altura has a massive opportunity to capture a massive share of this industry.

With the most recent development in the cryptoverse, “GameFi or Blockchain Gaming,” in-game products will be held by the players rather than the gaming firms.

Smart NFTs, which Altura developed, are essentially NFTs with dynamic qualities that can vary depending on specific circumstances.

The minting, distributing, and trading of in-game objects will be simpler via Altura’s smart contract platform and Smart NFT technology. The group is actively developing a platform for exchanging, purchasing, and selling NFTs.

2. UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming, which was first developed as a meme coin, has grown to become one of the industry’s top participants in the blockchain gaming space.

By creating and implementing new game elements that allow players the chance to earn assets (NFTs, cryptocurrency), they hope to close the gap between conventional games and blockchain games.

One of UFO Gaming’s most significant innovations is their “Dark Metaverse,” a virtual world where users may make money by participating in specific in-game tasks and playing various games.

The first game to be released in the Dark Metaverse was Super Galactic, an action RPG featuring a unique NFT library.

3. Ultra

The business Ultra aims to use blockchain technology to upend the PC gaming market.

They are one of the biggest cryptocurrency ventures in the GameFi sector, with extensive connections with gaming giants like Ubisoft, AMD, Atari, and The Sandbox.

By introducing the Blockchain revolution to the video game business, Ultra is building a just environment for the distribution of video games in the future.

Giving a lot more money to the creators of a certain game is the issue that Ultra seeks to address.

Ultra only keeps 12 percent of the money from the developer’s game, compared to 30 percent taken by gaming distributors like Steam, Google, or Apple. This increases the appeal of hosting games on Ultra’s platform for creators.

Final Words

Numerous new metaverse initiatives are popping up, but some have real promise and stand out from the rest.

Since blockchain and cryptocurrencies are deeply ingrained in the metaverse concept, investing in some of these ventures may be wise. The hype surrounding NFT also appears to be growing.

Don’t put all of your money — or money you can’t afford to lose — on just one type of metaverse coin, as you would with any other investment. Diversifying your holdings and, more importantly, investing in coins you believe have promise.



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