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5 New Crypto Projects of 2020 to Follow Closely

By NOWPayments on The Capital

Cryptocurrencies have moved beyond the hype and have given rise to an industry which is thriving. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which started the movement, has gifted the world of blockchain and virtual currencies with a new landscape.

Blockchain technology is considered to be one of the top innovations of this century. Due to the potential of this innovation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are currently explored in a number of industries from financial systems to healthcare. Moreover, this has led to the development of a number of projects in the cryptocurrency space.

With a multitude of projects introduced in the sector, it is difficult to monitor each of them individually. In this article in the NOWPayments blog, we take a look at the top five blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to look out for.

And if you wonder what has already happened with crypto in 2020, you can quench your education thirst here!



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