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A Brief Note On The Top Blockchain Partner Programs And Collaboration


Partner programs are quite common in the world of business. It is a great strategy that helps one to grow their network. The great thing about such collaborative projects is that it benefits all the parties involved in the development and growth of their respective businesses.

Since blockchain is the current talking point technology-wise in every sector, we have taken that opportunity to focus on some great collaborations that are aimed towards facilitating the wide adoption of blockchain in all the sectors. These kinds of partner programs help the industries to have a better understanding of the technology since it is fairly new, and by far it has proved to be very beneficial.

So given under are some of the top blockchain partnership projects and collaborations that have shown great prospects.


If we are talking about Blockchain collaborations then it has to start with HyperLedger. It is a collaboration between notable organizations with the sole aim of blockchain development. As of this day, HyperLedger has more than 250 members, a list that consists of names such as Accenture, Fujitsu, Deloitte, Samsung, Cisco, Moscow Exchange, Hitachi, SAP, Intel, Xiaomi, etc. The formation of such a consortium is to promote and utilize the usage of the distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger as a project works towards the supply of the required framework and standards to build an open-source blockchain for adoption.


We all have heard about the decentralized project Ethereum. It is created and supported by the consortium Ethereum Enterprise Alliance or EEA that has over 300 members. Organizations and groups such as CME Group, Accenture, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Infosys, National Bank of Canada, Santander, Mitsubishi UFJ, Deloitte. It was formed to connect the Fortune 500 companies, government institutions, and the emerging start-ups with the developers and experts of Ethereum.

HashCash Consultants

The California based company boasts of an elaborate, most trusted and fastest growing blockchain network HC Net. HashCash Consultants is one of the leading blockchain development companies with branches across four countries. They have collaborated with numerous international banks, energy companies, payment providers, digital exchanges and the likes. At present, the HashCash Partnership Program has collaborations with over 100 partners and it is showing great promise in the overall development of blockchain as a technology.


Another Blockchain-based project that is mostly directed towards uniting the banks, payment providers and the consumers. The projects boast of IBM partnership and have to date collaborated with 48 enterprises such as the Lightyear, SHIFT Markets, Wanxiang Group, STRIPE, etc.


Much like Stellar Ripple too is a blockchain project that aims at connecting banks, digital exchanges, corporations, and payment providers. It has strategic partnerships with several financial institutions and banks such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, CIBC, UniCredit, UBS, National Bank of Abu, Siam Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered, Cross River Bank, CBW Bank, Shanghai Huarui Bank, etc. Ripple has strong ties with notable payment processors, remittance and exchange services, one being the Western Union.


Qtum is a blockchain partnership project that has tied up with the Chinese division of Amazon Web Services or AWS. This partnership allows the AWS users to create and launch smart contracts by using Amazon Machine Image. It helps blockchain start-ups to use the hosting service of Amazon to create smart contracts.


PowerLedger is a trading platform for renewable energy that started by partnering with BCPG which is an electric utility company based in Thailand. The platform allows the users to trade in renewable energy from the solar panels through the usage of a secure banking interface. The project is also backed by the Australian government.


This is a Baas or blockchain-as-a-service platform that works to lessen the problems faced by any supply chain management. To date, they have strong partnerships with over 24 companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCooper, Renault, TCL Communication, BMW, China Unicom, LV China, and DB Schenker. The partnership also has support from the People’s Insurance Company of China.



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