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ADOR: First Platform Solving Challenges in the Content Creation Industry

The content creation business is increasingly becoming competitive, with the surge in numbers of creators every day. For instance, year-round, new musicians with better styles spring up, and there’s an introduction of new movies with better stories and visuals, how can anyone compete? Also, new photographers with the best caption skills join the markets, technology advances and influencers carve out new innovative ways to DIY, do-it-yourself.

The competitive nature of the creative and collection industry makes it extremely hard for content creators to maximize incomes from their content, there’s just way too much saturation. The narrative in content creation has been working hard, producing more content, using fortunes in marketing and finally earning some returns from the content.

But what if the content creators have a platform that does almost all the marketing work for them? is here. The platform implements features that change the narrative in content creation to help the creative industry grow while the content creators maximize their income.

What is is one of the most recent crypto revolution technologies, purposed to encourage creators to produce more content, thus fostering growth and equality. Collectors, creators, and developers will earn from their content, even from old content!

It will be effortless for creators to merge general human emotions in film, music, fashion, and art and as such, creators will thrive. Accordingly, ADOR provides digital alternatives for content optimization and income maximization by helping creators strengthen their online presence and earn passive income from staking tokens.

Among the relevant areas that ADOR will change include the means of communicating and advertising. These virtual items called NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are on fire right now. And they are so much more than just an item, so ADOR has coined the term MeWu, media experiences with utility. They believe a new wave of media consumption is at hand and the ADOR marketplace will have a front seat to the show!

$ADORs Token

$ADORs token is the native token of the ADOR ecosystem. It’s only by using it that creatives will use all the free and locked features in the ADOR ecosystem. As such, while treading in the ADOR network, any content creators must have the tokens. A user will freely participate in other activities, like auctions in ADOR only by using its native token.

How can you own these tokens? The most common ways involve directly contacting the development team or participating in farming events. Others include influence programs, community participation, airdrops and more.

Currently, there is a maximum supply of 99,999 $ADORs tokens. Their allocation is as follows;

  • 12.3% for early supporters
  • 20% given to pool creators
  • 30% allocated to farming
  • 10% aimed to bolster brand awareness in the community
  • 22% aiming to help introduce new partnerships
  • 2.5% aiming to help in acceleration and assistance
  • 2.5% fro development and expansion
  • 0.7% for reserves

Best Marketplace for Creators

It has become challenging for creators to market their services. However, with the power of, creators will freely market their creations and services using the marketplace functionality. Lead manager, Mark “BitSavage”, current Algorand ambassador and ENJIN liaison has harnessed his creative talents and blockchain knowledge into this platform for its assured success.

The ADOR Staking Option

Users can stake liquidity provider tokens and earn rewards. Currently, there is an $ADORs-ETH liquidity pool already live. Soon more pools will be introduced, including;


The staking option provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for the user to follow through with details of the pools. Also, the values they have staked, and their share of the farm is provided. Due to its LP opportunities, the platform effortlessly connects with UniSwap, the largest decentralized exchange currently on ethereum, if it needs to acquire some assets.

The Development

The team behind ADOR is working hard to ensure this platform’s future remains the best for the entire global creative community. For years, the team has been developing unique options to help creatives tread in the incredible virtual industry.


The platform has made many partnerships to ensure it provides services in all areas of the creative industry. Among the high profile platforms that partner with include, MoneyGuru, OpenSea, Artisia etc.

Benefits of Using the Network

In the general digital gaming and content creation industry, digital assets and NFTs are next to impossible to access. However, ADOR is making it possible for creatives to tread in the virtual world and own some of these assets. Everything is made highly possible by the use of the $ADORs token.

The platform provides the option for connecting the wallet immediately when opening the website to increase its convenience. provides a direct connect QR scan option that makes it easy to connect the user wallets. The acceptable wallets must be compatible with WalletConnect.

Moreover, since the platform shares the fees collected equitably with the ADOR NFT holders, the platform’s users will quickly maximize their rewards.

Wrapping Up

Although there are surging issues troubling the creative industry today, the ADOR network’s launch will be the best solution. This platform takes advantage of the current blockchain growth to help creators advertise and monetize their content. And since tokenization will soon be the most significant 21st-century movement, more people will shift to using tokenized art and collectibles.

The platform is full of features that help make it easy to earn in using the platform. Foremost, there is the native deflationary token $ADORs, a utility token easy to access. Secondly, there are staking options to earn points for free RARE MeWu’s and liquidity pools for the $ADORs token against other coins. Additionally, all the content creators can use the marketplace for advertising and earning income from their content.

Although the platform is relatively new, it already possesses some benefits that should attract millions of users in the short run. Its convenience, user-friendliness and reliability is one thing that will help revolutionize the art and content creation industry.



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