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Will Blockchain Provide Financial Solutions for HealthTech?

One of the fastest growing industries globally is the medical and health technology sector (“HealthTech”). This sector involves the development and commercialization of medicinal products (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery of health care. Between 2010 and 2015, venture funding in HealthTech grew 200% as over 30,000 investors flooded HealthTech businesses with over $11.7US billion in investment funding. In 2015 alone, the industry was worth $7.2 trillion.

The Challenges of the HealthTech Sector

However, one of the ongoing challenges in HealthTech is pairing good science with steady sources of funds. Solid financial backing is necessary for innovation yet hard to find for emerging HealthTech companies.

Potential Solution?

AENCO is a blockchain solutions company that has launched a new venture for the HealthTech sector. It’s aim to create a platform to support research, innovation, and HealthTech entrepreneurialism. Aenco will be a “one stop shop” for the delivery of institutional financing, prime brokerage, and smart capital solutions for the HealthTech industry. The platform will also function as a research and collaboration hub for healthcare organizations and blockchain development projects.

How Will Aenco Solve HealthTech’s Financial Challenges?

Aenco’s core services or “Health Tech Solutions” are categorized into three pillars: Aenco IB Solutions, Aenco Smartcap Solutions Platform and Aenco Prime Solutions. Aenco IB Solutions will focus on integrity processes for HealthTech ICOs, such as providing ICO analytics to start-ups and facilitating community sponsorships and liquidity. Aenco Smartcap Solutions and Aenco Prime Solutions will create a decentralized brokerage platform that supports lending and borrowing of collateralized digital assets. They will also cover P2P financing pools to interface with fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, SmartCap Solutions will include alternative financing options primarily focused on receivables financing, bridge financing and collateralized lending to support HealthTech startups. All three of these services comprise the Aenco Healthcare Financial Solutions Platform.

AEN Token

Aenco will be combining its solutions platform and core financing ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community through the AEN utility token. AEN will link across all Aenco’s services and community deliveries. The token will be integrated as major payment currency on the platform. It will also use a “proof of stake” process for account holding and conducting of financial services, such as fiat deposits, domestic and cross-border fund remittances, foreign exchange transactions, trade services, investment product distribution, and asset management.

Team Behind the Project

Aenco consists of an impressive team with many years of experience working with global investment banks and financial institutions, as well as blockchain development and entrepreneurship. The team has been developing the Aenco platform since 2008, which means that they have laid much of the necessary groundwork for executing the project and making it appealing to a wide audience.


Aenco has some important strengths. One of the biggest is its ambitious vision. Aenco promises to provide a global health technology solution using blockchain technology to enable organizations to research, innovate, and work with each other in searching for cures for diseases and ways to improve human life. The team has been working together for ten years already, which means that they have experience needed to complete such a project.

At the same time, this large scale vision presents some challenges, one of which relates to the global nature of the Aenco ecosystem, which involves interacting and ensuing compliance with the regulations of many different countries. This complex legal and policy landscape makes the idea of a GLOBAL heath tech solution difficult to image.

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