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Altcoin Magazine’s Weekly Recap 18.02.2019–24.02.2019

Here are some of Altcoin Magazine’s TOP Cryptocurrency News, Technical Analysis, and Articles of the week:

Monday — February 18, 2019

Altcoin News: Massive Hack: 450,000 Coinmama User Accounts Are Compromised

Clients of Coinmama, a cryptocurrency purchase service using bank cards, have become another victim of a massive hack.

Altcoin News: By 2024, Investment in the Blockchain in the Energy Market Will Reach $3.4 Billion

According to a new report by Infoholic Research LLP, the use of the blockchain in the energy services market is expected to grow by 60% by 2024.

Altcoin News: 5 Years Ago, the Founder of QuadrigaCX Revealed Where All of Their Private Keys for the Cold Wallets Are Stored

In the course of the investigation into the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, it became known that the founder of the exchange, Gerald Cotten, for some time kept the private keys of cold wallets on paper, printing them out and placing them in a bank box.

Altcoin News: Liechtenstein Postal Service Has Started Selling Cryptocurrency

From today on you can buy Bitcoins in Liechtenstein’s post office Post AG in the capital, Vaduz, and in the future, the post plans to offer other altcoins.

Bitcoin — have we seen the bottom

After Bitcoin took the (not entirely unexpected) plunge from the $6,000 area down to $4,000, its price began a consolidation period that has lasted for three months now.

Quantitative Dissonance in Cryptocurrency Trading

There is no more distinctive smell that takes you back to an era, a time and space, then the scent of well-worn linoleum and the nylon, polypropylene blend that passes off as carpeting.

Altcoin Analysis: Weekend Positive for Bitcoin and Heading Altcoins, Ethereum Grew by 13% Overnight

After Friday ‘s positive movement in the crypto market, we see that the Bitcoin price and most Altcoins come out of the weekend positively. Most positive movement showing ether today.

Tuesday — February 19, 2019

Altcoin News: SBI Plans to Support Ripple and Speed up XRP Distribution

As the CEO of the Japanese financial giant, SBI Holdings Yoshitaka Kitao said, the bank plans to support start-up Ripple, increase acceptance of the XRP token and push its course to new heights.

Altcoin News: Lightning Network — Five Cities with the Most Nodes

The popularity of Lightning Network (LN) in the Bitcoin blockchain is gaining momentum — the network increases volumes almost every week.

Altcoin News: Thai Residents Accuse Mining Company CryptoMiningFarm of Fraud

More than thirty Thai residents have signed a statement accusing the mining company CryptoMiningFarm of fraud. It is reported that citizens invested money in a company that promised profits, but instead, deceived investors, whose number may exceed 140 people, have lost a total of more than 42 million baht ($1.34 million).

How SAFT are your Cryptocurrency Tokens?

William Lau wipes the sweat off his brow, as the heat from Hong Kong’s noonday sun plasters his frayed white singlet to his bony back. Lau’s shoulder blades and subtle musculature betray a life of physical labor.

Altcoin Analysis: Bitcoin Passes $4,000 Mark — Is It Going to Continue Up?

BTC course went up again. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin increased significantly, the important $4,000 was passed and analysts believe it will only go higher.

Wenesday— February 20, 2019

Altcoin News: User Paid Commission of 3150 ETH for Sending Four Transactions in the Amount of 0.15 ETH

Yesterday, one unknown Ethereum wallet went down in history as the sender of the most expensive transactions during the entire existence of the network.

Altcoin News: More Than 350 Thousand ETH Remain on Vitalik Buterin’s Wallets

In a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session the creator of Ethereum and one of the most famous people in the cryptocurrency area, Vitalik Buterin, spoke about his portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin News: South Africa Has Been Ranked as the Top Country for Ownership of Cryptocurrency

According to a survey conducted by social network management company Hootsuite and the global agency Wearesocial, 10.7% of Internet users in South Africa own cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin News: SEC Begins Consideration of VanEck and SolidX Bitcoin ETF Application

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) simultaneously reviews several applications for Bitcoin ETFs.

Altcoin News: Elon Musk: “Bitcoin’s (BTC) Structure Is Quite Brilliant”

CEO of Tesla and the well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk during an interview with consulting firm ARK Invest said that using digital currency is “a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper” and the Bitcoin’s structure is “quite brilliant”

Lightning Network Capacity Surges 830% in 6 Months

The capacity of the Lightning Network has been growing as an impressive rate. Growth can be tracked by the total number of channels, nodes, or the total capacity of the whole network in BTC. According to data from, the network could handle 85.4 BTC six months ago versus the record-breaking 710 BTC today.

Thursday — February 20, 2019

Altcoin News: MyEtherWallet Will Start Converting Cryptocurrency into Fiat Without Verification

A popular wallet MyEtherWallet in collaboration with the Swiss company Bity will provide users with the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat without a verification procedure.

Altcoin News: Slovenia, North Queensland, and Japan Became the Most Favorable for BCH Regions

As the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues to expand geographically, Slovenia, North Queensland, and Japan have become the most favorable regions for this cryptocurrency.

Altcoin News: Samsung Galaxy S10 Received Key Vault for Cryptocurrency Wallets

A new mobile flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, in addition to other innovations, received special storage of secret keys for cryptocurrency wallets. The presentation has already taken place in Seoul, San Francisco, and London.

Altcoin News: Twitter Users Can Now Make Micro-Payments in BTC via Lightning Network

Users of the social network Twitter can now use a new feature Tippin, which allows you to send and receive micropayments in Bitcoins (BTC).

JPM Coin — What is it good for?

In numerous Reddit discussions and on Twitter, Jamie Dimon, CEO of banking giant, J.P. Morgan is seen as the Bitcoin anti-Christ. In 2014, the outspoken CEO declared that Bitcoin was a “terrible store of value,” adding a year later that he thought it would not survive.

Understanding Blockchain

Blockchain provides “honesty as a service”. The technology that is transforming the Internet and the Global Economy.

Friday — February 21, 2019

Altcoin News: IBM Spokesman: “I See Bitcoin at a $1 Million Someday”

IBM spokesman Jesse Lund expressed a very optimistic view on the future price of Bitcoin and predicted the long term rise of the first cryptocurrency to $1 million.

Altcoin News: KPMG and Guardtime Collaborate to Develop Blockchain-Based Products and Services

The auditing company KPMG, which belongs to the Big Four of the world’s largest auditors, works with the Estonian blockchain-startup Guardtime to develop various products and services for businesses.

Altcoin News: Coinbase Custody Holds over $500 Million in Cryptocurrency Assets

The head of Coinbase Exchange, Brian Armstrong, said that the Coinbase Custody custodial service ‘has gotten good traction’ and holds more than $500 million in digital assets.

Altcoin News: Brazilian Bank Plans to Raise $15 Million Through STO

Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual which will provide its token with assets in the field of local real estate, planning to raise funds up to $15 million through the security token offering(STO).

BTC or XBT? Why Are There Two Ticker Symbols for Bitcoin?

While most Exchanges use the ticker symbol BTC for Bitcoin, the ticker XBT has also been established on some exchanges, including Kraken and BitMEX. The background to this, you will learn in this article.

Altcoin Analysis: Crypto Market in Green Again

This morning the daily prices were mainly negative, but the weekly rates are (as yet) spared. You can see that now market unlike in the morning is “green” again.

Saturday — February 22, 2019

Altcoin News: Trading Volumes on CME’s Bitcoin Futures Updated to Record Highs

According to information on February 19, trading volumes for Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) updated their historical highs.

Altcoin News: Pantera Capital Has Already Received the Bulk of Funding for Its Third Cryptocurrency Fund

Investment firm Pantera Capital received $125 million for its third cryptocurrency fund, the size of which is planned to increase to $175 million.

Altcoin News: The University of Michigan to Increase Investment in a16z’s Cryptocurrency Fund

The University of Michigan Donations Fund, currently valued at approximately $12 billion, plans further investments in the Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund, a16z.

Altcoin News: JPMorgan Valued Bitcoin at $2,400, Miners Disagree

Cryptocurrency miners are actively discussing the recent JPMorgan Chase report, in which the “fair value” of Bitcoin is set at $2,400. However, some users believe that a US investment bank can hardly be considered competent in estimating the cost of producing Bitcoin by Chinese miners.

Altcoin News: A Boy Sells His Drawings Using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

The nine-year-old boy came up with one of the most entertaining ways to use the Lightning Network (LN). A child sells his drawings using the Bitcoin’s LN to make his own money on the Nintendo Switch.

Altcoin News: Thai Government Approves Issue and Trading of Blockchain Based Securities

The National Legislative Assembly of Thailand approved an amendment to the Securities and Exchange Act allowing the issue of securities on the blockchain. The amendment will enter into force this year.

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