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Altcoin Magazine’s Weekly Recap 25.02.2019–03.03.2019

March 3, 2019, by Marko Vidrih on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Here are some of Altcoin Magazine’s TOP Cryptocurrency News, Technical Analysis, and Articles of the week:

Monday — February 25, 2019

Altcoin News: Investment Giant Fidelity Backs Lightning Torch Initiative

Fidelity Digital, the crypto active asset division of Fidelity Investments, was the first traditional financial institution to participate in the Lightning Torch initiative.

Altcoin News: Mercury FX Will Use the Ripple’s xRapid Solution for International Transfers

The company Mercury FX, engaged in international currency transfers, has announced plans to open ten new payment channels that will use the Ripple’s xRapid solution.

Altcoin Analysis: Bitcoin Could Not Hold above $4,000

On Saturday, the first cryptocurrency broke through the psychological mark of $4,000 and seemed to be beginning its long-awaited growth — the weighted average rate at CoinMarketCap reached $4207.

Altcoin News: ETH Hard Fork Is Expected on February 28, on the Block 7 280 000

According to experts, the update of the Ethereum network will take place at block 7,280,000, approximately on February 28.

My blockchain learning journey

How I was able to install the latest stable version of web3 on my windows machine

Why I feel Bitcoin will be a Store of Wealth rather than a future currency

It was late 2017. Bitcoin was all over the news. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was trying to get in on the frenzy.

Tuesday — February 26, 2019

Altcoin Analysis: Charts of Bitcoin and Altcoins Showing Varying Picture

After the price of Bitcoin and the prices of most Altcoins started with a heavy correction to the new week, that image picked up during the day. Also here and there, there was some recovery but the prices give a varying picture at the moment.

Altcoin News: Nasdaq Began to Transfer BTC and ETH Index Data from Brave New Coin

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange began to transfer data from two cryptocurrency indexes developed by the American analytical company Brave New Coin, the company reported on its website.

Altcoin News: The Balance of the Largest Bitcoin Addresses Increased by 150,000 BTC in 2 Months

While the sharp fluctuations of the Bitcoin rate, which we witnessed last week, for some turn into massive liquidations, others use it in order to build up their already impressive wealth.

Altcoin News: Hacker Stole More Than 2 Million EOS Due to Block Builder Error

An anonymous hacker managed to transfer 2.09 million EOS ($7.7 million) from a hacked account. Presumably, this was a consequence of the mistake made by the new manufacturer of EOS units.

Altcoin News: Coinbase Again Risks Being at the Center of the Insider Trading Scandal, Now with Listing XRP on Coinbase Pro

Coinbase this Monday announced that it has added support for XRP cryptocurrency on its full-featured trading platform, Coinbase Pro.

Going “off grid”: A bad strategy for business & consumers

The right and wrong of going off the power grid is a hot topic of political and social debate in Australia right now.

Why do they think they have rights to your data

‘Your TV is watching you. And making money off you. And you don’t care?

Samsung unveils Galaxy S10 Blockchain-Friendly Smartphone

Samsung will market the Galaxy S10 a blockchain-friendly smartphone. To explain, the S10 will offer “blockchain-enabled mobile services” and cryptocurrency key storage, Cryptoslate claims.

Wednesday — February 27, 2019

Altcoin News: Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Reported Losses

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange lost about 10% of all its funds due to hacking in January. They now reporting on Twitter.

Altcoin News: China Has Released the Tenth Ranking of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Upgraded

Center for Information and Industry Development of China (CCID) has released the tenth rating of cryptocurrency. Tron made his debut at the top of the list, and Bitcoin slightly improved its position.

Altcoin News: Coinomi User Lost $70,000 Due to Spelling Check Function

The user of the Bitcointalk forum under the nickname warith (Warith Al Mawali) claims that he lost $60,000 — $70,000 due to the vulnerability of the popular cryptocurrency wallet Coinomi.

Altcoin News: Large Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Actively Used to Falsify Trading Volumes

Venture and technology company CoVenture presented the results of astudy indicating that many large cryptocurrency exchanges can participate in the manipulation of trading volumes, at least indirectly.

Altcoin News: Facebook Wants to Recognize Users via Blockchain

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to introduce the blockchain into the process of recognizing users of web services without intermediaries.

How useful have Bitcoin and other cryptos been in Venezuela?

Most people who have heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies associate them with anything but humanitarian relief, yet, that is exactly what it may be enabling for one of the world’s worst current basket cases, the formerly richest country in Latin America, Venezuela.

Electroneum Releases $80 Android Phone For Mining Crypto

Digital payments ecosystem and potential equalizer for the 1.7 billion people without access to a bank account, Electroneum, recently announced the rollout of a USD $80 Android smartphone which rewards users in cryptocurrency (specifically, Electroneum’s native token ‘ETN’).

Thursday — February 28, 2019

Altcoin Analysis: Green Rate in February: Bitcoin Finishing Positively for the First Time in Six Months

Today is the last day of February, and for Bitcoin, there is another glimmer of hope on the horizon. The price of Bitcoin is positive for the first time in six months (at the end of the month). The price of Bitcoin started at $3,360 on Bitstamp in February. At the time of writing, Bitcoin stands at $3,800, almost $450 more.

Altcoin News: Square Payment Platform, Founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Sold Bitcoins in Excess of $166 Million in 2018

The Square payment platform, founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, sold Bitcoins in excess of $166 million in 2018, evidenced by the company ‘sfinancial statements prepared for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and presented on Wednesday.

Altcoin News: XRP Has Become the Most Traded Cryptocurrency on eToro

According to eToro, a brokerage company ad, the XRP coin became the has become the most traded digital asset (by unique open trades) on the platform in January 2019.

Altcoin News: Broker Voyager Will Purchase a Crypto Wallet Ethos.Io for $4 Million

Launched this month, a crypto-brokerage platform Voyager will acquire the developer of the wallet service for $4 million, writesCoinDesk.

Contemporary Monetarism Vs Old Monetarism. A new economic thinking has been started: The Cryptocurrency Monetary School

Commercial Banks are now beginning to legitimize cryptocurrencies, and strategically they are moving their business models to possible new digital virtual coins to reach a future ‘centralized’ position in the Banking industry.

National governments that are keen to explore & invest in Blockchain Technology

Despite the Bear market, governments around the world have not been deterred, but instead have taken keen steps towards studying, implementing and regulating Cryptocurrencies — Few national governments have begun test piloting and experimenting with this nascent technology.

Friday — March 1, 2019

Altcoin News: Kraken Offers $100k for Help in Locating the Missing QuadrigaCX Assets

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange offers a reward of up to $100,000 to anyone who can solve the mystery of the QuadrigaCX.

Altcoin News: Constantinople and St. Petersburg Updates Were Successfully Activated on the Ethereum Network

February 28 at 18:57 UTC time, on the block 7,280,000 in the Ethereum network, the update Constantinople was successfully activated.

Altcoin News: Tax on the Sale of Marijuana in California Can Be Paid in Cryptocurrencies

Lawmakers in the US state of California submitted a bill proposing to allow companies producing and selling marijuana to pay taxes using stable coins.

Altcoin News: Facebook Cryptocurrency Already Getting Ready for Listing on Crypto Exchanges

According to anonymous insider information, The New York Times reports that the largest social network has already prepared the launch of its own cryptocurrency and is already in talks with the exchanges for listing.


Crypto Poetry by Timothy Tarkelly on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Saturday— March 2, 2019

Altcoin News: Chris Burniske: “Only 2.5% of Tokens Have Real Use”

Placeholder venture company partner Chris Burniske expressed the opinion that a very small number of tokens — no more than 50 — has a use in real life.

Altcoin News: Seven Oil Companies Merged to Create Blockchain Consortium

Seven global oil companies, including the American giants ExxonMobil and Chevron, have teamed up to create a blockchain consortium.

Altcoin News: Bittrex Has Invested $1.5 Million in South African Trading Platform

Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange held a $1.5 million round of start-up financing for the South African VALR cryptocurrency platform.

Altcoin News: JPMorgan Tests Evidence-Based Privacy Technology with Zero Disclosure

The blockchain development team of JPMorgan Chase is testing the AZTEC protocol, created on the basis of evidence with zero disclosure (ZKP), CoinDesk reported.

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