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An Interview with Nikolay Shkilev, rated top ICO advisor of 2018 on Altcoin Magazine

Hello Nikolay! It’sa great pleasure to invite you here today! Can you please give us a short introduction to yourself?

Firstly, I am a businessperson with 20 years of experience of owning different types of businesses, ranging from FMCG, medicine and logistics to IT technologies. In parallel, I work as a mentor, advisor to help tens of projects worldwide in the area of blockchain, ICO and STO.

So how did you first get involved with cryptocurrencies?

I began studying blockchain and cryptocurrencies several years ago; it was something completely new to me, something novel and interesting. I understood that it was the future of our time, just like the Internet. 25–30 years ago, the Internet was neither understood nor accepted, and the ones who refused to use it have lost their businesses. We are currently witnessing an evolution in the form of blockchain.

What led you to start your association Top ICO Advisors?

My goal was to bring together every strong advisor to help various projects

And who’re the most noticeable people working as advisors at your company?

There are more than 50 advisors, and each expert has their own abilities that are worth noticing. I’ll give several examples: Vladimir Nikitin, Nathan Christian, Phillip Nunn, Amarpreet Singh, Rumen Slavchov, Jason Hung, Davorin Bebek, Cooz Komei Tokita, and many others.

What are your plans for the association in the next 2–3 years?

The crypto market changes rapidly, so we strive to know of current trends, laws, news, tendencies, and to make the whole industry more transparent and successful.

Do you see a shift in the general cryptocurrency space?

I can clearly see massive manipulations, but right now I’m waiting for the following big projects to redeem themselves in 2019: Bakkt, ETF, Fidelity, Nasdaq, and that’s just to name a few.

If an ICO or STO project wish to work with you, how do they best suit themselves to do so?

Have a ready product, strong team, marketing budget, KYC verification.

What is your relation to ICObench?

I’m a verified expert there, and it is currently a №1 rating platform out there.

Which project(s) so far have you been most proud of working with?

I don’t believe that it’s the right question. I won’t begin selecting any specific projects, so that I do not offend others. I can tell you, though, that in my practice there were different projects in which owners and teams worked as one whole “organism”, they listened to experts carefully and achieved their goals. And then there were cases when founders did not want to listen to anyone, and you can guess what the result was.

Recently, you were awarded Best ICO Advisor at the Blockchain Life 2018 conference in St. Petersburg. Other than the trophy, what comes with such reward and how will it help you and your business?

It really was unexpected and very pleasant to receive such an honorable trophy at one of the largest conferences in Europe. Incidentally, I want to express gratitude to all projects and people who voted for me for two months. I will try to develop further in this sphere, help projects achieve their goals, and the reward gave me more motivation to do so.

Do you believe ICOs or STOs have limitations compared to coins with their own custom blockchain?

I do not agree with that, because many times I saw magnificent projects, which did not use their own blockchain, and vice versa, I saw lots of unsuccessful projects that do use their own blockchain. Everything depends on the product and on how necessary it is for the society, mainly for ordinary people.

Do you advise non-ICOs such as coins, exchanges, or other companies with cryptocurrency products?

Yes, of course, I entered several Boards of Directors, and work as a mentor.

Are you personally invested in cryptocurrencies, and can you list your 5–10 biggest investments?

I regularly invest in cryptocurrencies, even these days, when newcomers are intimidated by their downfall. I reckon it is a high time to invest, though.

As for the biggest investments, it is more connected with the real-life sector of economics — it is the IT companies, a medical center, network of restaurants and so on. I prefer not to keep all eggs in one basket.

Where can people connect with you and support your business?

Firstly — in LinkedIn Nikolay Shkilev then we proceed to Telegram, WhatsApp, e-mail or to face-to-face meetings, provided we have found a common language.

Lastly, will we meet you at the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event?

It would certainly be great to attend it.

Thank you for your time — any final words?

Thank you, too. I want to say some words for projects and investors.

For projects:

Nowadays it is not enough to make a beautiful website and promise to do something in the future. Try to have a ready MVP (better product) at the start of your ICO/STO.
Projects that try to raise funds without presenting any visual and interactive interface usually fail.

For investors:
1. Attentively research the project’s team. Do they have enough experience to reach certain goals? Are there an international or a local team? They must have LinkedIn profiles on their website, to let people and you look at their history and experience.

2. Also, pay attention to advisors and their experience with successful ICOs as well. It is not as hard as it sounds.

3. Check the website to see if it was just quickly thrown together, or made with passion and bright ideas in mind.

4. Look through the White Paper. It should not have less than 20–25 pages.

5. It would be best for the project to have it’s MVP (Minimal Viable Product) ready. If it’s ready, then the chances of the project to skyrocket will go up fast.

6. Look at the project’s community, number of people in social networks, its PR, how many and what conferences founders attend to, etc. There should be maximum transparency. You should be able to see the team — it should not be hiding behind a website.

7. Even a good project has a possibility to not gain enough money, and that is why experienced investors always put their funds into several projects, so as to secure themselves.

I invite to cooperation all the strong investors and perspective projects. Thank you, and I wish you luck!

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