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Anthony Pompliano Revealed His Investment Strategy During the Crisis

In an interview with the Cointelegraph, Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano explained why Bitcoin should be considered the best asset to save money in the future.

He confirmed his optimistic attitude towards bitcoin and said that he bought more coins immediately after the recent market crash when many rushed to seek “refuge” in US dollars.

When Pompliano was asked if there were other cryptocurrencies worthy of investment on the market, he said that “money is a belief system, and until now the market believes that Bitcoin is more valuable than everything else”.

Pompliano about halving

Pompliano also said that the price of bitcoin does not yet take into account halving since among its owners there is no unanimous opinion on the significance of this event and its impact on value. According to him, before and after the halving, there will still be new buyers who do not even know about this event. That is why, in his opinion, “within the 18 months post-halving, we’ll see an explosion in the US dollar price [of Bitcoin]”.

Why bitcoin is better than gold

Pompliano said the dollar system would ultimately crash just like it had with many fiat money in history. On the other hand, bitcoin demonstrates the ability to survive fiat money, has many properties of gold and even surpasses it in many ways, given the divisibility and the ability to transfer.

Pompliano also says that bitcoin and gold will succeed in the near future. Nevertheless, he considers bitcoin to be the best investment, given its growth and transparency of supply (reserves).

How much gold is there in the world? You can’t tell me (…) There is no person in the world who can answer this question. I am not putting my wealth there”.

Investment strategy during the crisis

Despite the fact that Pompliano sees long-term benefits in bitcoin, he says that cash is now also necessary, as people need to survive the economic crisis and pay for their basic needs.

Investors, according to Pompliano, should prepare for hyperinflation and the purchase of other assets after the shocks go away. He says that it will be possible with closed eyes to point to any asset that is likely to rise in price at some point. At the same time, Pompliano probably hints that the recent moves by the Fed created a huge risk of depreciation of the US dollar.

On his assets, Pompliano said the following:

“I have cash, I got a bit of real estate, and then I put my money into Bitcoin to protect my wealth”.

Author: Marko Vidrih

Featured image credit: CryptoGlobe



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