Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

By Raffaella Aghemo on The Capital

Raffaella Aghemo
Jan 11 · 3 min read

The near future will be marked by constant and intimate connectivity between two constantly evolving technologies, Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain distributed register system.

Let’s see the reasons behind this “marriage”.

Let’s start from a rather incontrovertible fact: Artificial Intelligence has prohibitive costs for most companies; it is currently available only to multinationals and governments with high economic resources.

The hi-tech giants, Google, Amazon, IBM are investing in Artificial Intelligence. But if the binomial “investment — AI” works only for the big ones, inevitably we consumers and eventual users in the future will depend even more on multinationals able to expand their business and their power.

The governments themselves, which are moving towards this sector, do so mainly in the military field!

The fashion and fashion industry is also moving towards a digital transformation, especially in the retail trade, with the provision of 3D avatars as clothing consultants for a customized purchase, and with the help of chatbots (software designed to simulate a conversation with a human being) available to customers. H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Amazon already use Artificial Intelligence in combination with data analysis to predict future consumer purchases.

The realities that are now working on new technologies are very confidential, and a possible collaboration, replace strong competitiveness, with the goal of arriving earlier and better than the others.

From an ethical point of view, then, Artificial Intelligence poses problems of transparency and openness, since, often, it is not possible to determine either what are the data, on which it bases its functioning, or the architecture of its algorithms, which are covered by industrial secrecy.

Surely a close connection of the AI market with blockchain technology can help to diversify the market, to give it a decentralized, transparent, more usable and more functional impact.

One of the projects born from this collaboration is SingularityNET: this system will integrate a marketplace where people will be able to buy and sell AI services, interact with them and AI between them!

On the occasion of the Malta Blockchain Summit, SingularityNet CEO Ben Goertzel presented Sophia, the robot from Hanson Robotics, whose intelligence and data would be based on blockchain, who answered the many questions of the audience present, showing her versatility, not only in terms of answers but also in the more than sixty facial expressions she has! Sophia is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and not an Ai, whose difference consists of fully replicating human intelligence, also endowed with consciousness.

Equally interesting is another project, Ocean Protocol, which is a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI, making possible communication (data exchange) between different neural networks: they aim to create an ecosystem for the economy of data and associated services. This definition reads from their website: “Ocean Protocol is supported by a non-profit foundation based in Singapore, whose mandate is to ensure open access to the protocol and platform, provide data governance, encourage the growth of the network ecosystem and take steps to ensure that the platform becomes increasingly decentralized over time”.

We are about to enter a dimension, give me the term “Ridleyscottian”, the “Blade Runner”, which is fascinating but at the same time frightening.

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The Capital

The Capital (former Altcoin Magazine) is a social financial news aggregator powered by Bitcoin

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The Capital

The Capital (former Altcoin Magazine) is a social financial news aggregator powered by Bitcoin

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