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Audius Price Prediction

Audius Fundamental Analysis

Audius is a decentralized music streaming and sharing platform seeking to become a real competitor of current market leaders like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora. The main goal of Audius is to promote a fairer distribution of the revenue that artists get in the industry, which is nowadays around 12%, on average. To put this in perspective, professional players in sports leagues like the NFL or the NBA get an average of 48% of the earnings they generate, which means the music industry is currently rewarding its creators about 4 times less than similar industries by size. Audius wants to change that by eliminating intermediaries with its decentralized streaming platform.

The project doesn’t just want to optimize the earnings of the artists, it also aims to allow more direct and transparent interaction between creators and fans. This can be achieved by enabling a democratic system that gives universal access to the platform, distributing governance rights corresponding to the value created, and keeping records of prices and earnings of all participants. To do so, Audius has its own native token ($AUDIO) that serves three main purposes: security, special feature access, and governance.

In April 2021, the platform announced that it would allow artists to showcase their NFT collection in their own galleries so that fans can purchase them. With all the increasing attention that NFTs have been getting lately, Audius has seen the opportunity to bring non-crypto fans looking for collectibles into their own crypto-based platform. It is worth noting that Audius has no plans of becoming a bidding platform or an NFT marketplace but rather wants to increase fan engagement by aggregating collectibles listed on OpenSea, Rarible, or Super Rare, among others. Users interested in collections of their favorite artists will need to stake 100 AUDIO tokens to gain access.

The Audius token has had an impressive price run for the month of March 2021, which has given it lots of attention that currently lists it as one of the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The platform was created to solve a problem that has been going on for decades, and it has managed to build the technology to support its value proposition. With an increasing user community, it wouldn’t be strange to see popular artists around the world jumping onto the board of an already exciting roster. Similar projects like Chiliz, Theta, and Decentraland have all tried to decentralize other types of streaming services and have had great success doing it. Moreover, their recent addition of NFTs into their platform makes it a very interesting project that could see massive user adoption in the following months.

Audius fundamental analysis

Audius Live Price Chart

Audius coin’s price shown a massive surge recently. Despite we can’t say for sure if AUDIO has grown from $0.1 to $4 at the time in on year due to an NFT hype or because of the fight of the creators with corporations and advertisers, what is obvious for sure is that Audius platform with its business sense, creative attitude and the speed of implementing novelty looks as a next big thing in the world of music streaming, and thus Audius price will be growing steadily.

AUDIO price chart

Audius Technical Analysis

Despite the fact that 100% accurate technical analysis for Audius cryptocurrency is hardly possible, on this advanced technical analysis tool by TradingView you can see the real-time aggregated AUDIO buy-and-sell rating for selected timeframe. The summary for AUDIO/USD is based on the most popular technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots.

Technical analysis for $AUDIO

Audius Price Prediction

Below we have collected the most reliable price projections for Audius (AUDIO) from popular forecast platforms.

#1. WalletInvestor AUDIO Price Prediction for 2021 and 2025

According to WalletInvestor, Audius price will grow from $1.906905 to $7.375 in one year. That makes AUDIO an awesome investment. The long-term earning potential is 286.75%. Predicted price for the end of 2026 is $28.147.

#2. TradingBeasts AUDIO Price Prediction for 2021–2022

Answering the question about if Audius is a good investment, TradingBeasts say resounding yes. In the 2021 perspective, this coin price is predicted to reach $2.52236 with a growth to $3.61775 by the end of 2022.

#3. DigitalCoin AUDIO Price Forecast for 2021–2025

In DigitalCoin analysis, the price of Audius cryptocurrency will rise in the next 5 years starting from $1.912 as of today’s price to $7.12. It will go up to $3.117 by 2022 and continue its growth in 2023–2024. Based on the forecast, Audius is profitable long-term investment.


As it can be clear from the analysis cited above, Audius (AUDIO) projections are rather contradictory. There is no universal consensus either about positive or negative future AUDIO price movements. Indeed, the future possible growth depends on various factors: announcements, new technological solutions of the Audius projects, the crypto environment in general, legal position, and so on. We kindly remind you that before investing in any cryptocurrency, it is essential to do your own research (DYOR).

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.

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