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Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream with wider brand adoption

One of the most popular topics in the world right now is Bitcoin. You can buy anything from a coffee to a car with it. However, not many people know that major brands are accepting bitcoin as payment. In this blog post, we will discuss brands that accept bitcoin as payment and how you can start using them today.

Bitcoin is everywhere in 2021

Today, there are tens of thousands of websites that accept bitcoin as payment. However, some major brands have started using this new currency to make payments online more convenient for their customers. You can start paying with bitcoins at any restaurant around the world without exchanging currencies or carrying cash. Let’s look at what you need to do to pay with Bitcoin on these popular sites.

Car dealership companies

Auto Parts and Car Dealership Company, AutoZone is accepting bitcoin as a form of payment along with other retailers such as Overstock And Dish Network, which also accepts digital currency payments. The company plans on using Coinbase for processing transactions made with bitcoins.

Sports brands adopting Bitcoin

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings started taking bitcoin payments at their home arena starting on March 31st, 2014, through a partnership with blockchain-based social platform CashBet Coin (CBC). This marks one of the first times an American sports franchise has accepted cryptocurrencies during game time. There is no denying how much potential these currencies have when applied to global sports events.

Big players getting in on the act

Some major retailers accept bitcoins as payment for their products or services in addition to independent groups and organizations which promote the use of cryptocurrency. It is still too early to say for sure if any company will be considered an industry leader when it comes to using digital currency, but there have been several high-profile examples over the last few years highlighting firms that already accept payments made using cryptocurrencies.

One such example includes eCommerce giant Amazon, internet infrastructure provider Microsoft Corporation, international technology firm PayPal Holdings Inc., electronics manufacturing giant Panasonic Corporation (OTC: PCRFY), computer hardware manufacturer HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ), and global payment service provider Stripe Inc.

Apple, Microsoft, Dish Network, and Expedia are just a few of the major companies that accept bitcoin payments. It’s safe to say you can get more done with bitcoins than with your regular fiat currency. And if you do choose an online seller who does not take cryptocurrency yet for payments, there is always a workaround. For example, you can always use a third-party service like BitPay to pay with bitcoin that allows the merchant’s payment system to be used.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of companies experimenting with bitcoin. It has the potential to be used in many industries, including finance and retail. It can make your brand have a greater reach and attract a new following if done correctly.



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