BitPesa: One of 6 Blockchain Pioneers Selected by WEF

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  • Individuals Accessing Bitcoin: People that fall into this category mainly use BitPesa to gain access to Bitcoin as a form of investment or a way to make discrete payments for different things including purchasing items like gift cards and games online.
  • Remittance Companies: This category accounts for the largest portion of BitPesa clientele and includes remittance companies like Moneygram that have several physical locations globally and those that have local partners.
  • African Businesses: These clients use the BitPesa platform to ensure seamless payment transactions between African countries and other countries outside the continent.

How does BitPesa Work?

  • The issue of payment transaction when sending and receiving money between Africa and countries outside of the continent
  • The problem of slow trade execution

The Challenges with Banking in Africa


How Does Everledger Work?

Everledger Diamond

Horizon State

How Does Horizon State Work?

  • Pillar 1: This consists of the organizations that can use the platform to become more interactive and responsive as they provide services, information, and engage with members and customers.
  • Pillar 2: These are the members of various organizations who are on the receiving end of the information, services, and engagement offered by pillar 1 organizations. They use the platform to engage with other members and benefactors, and to take advantage of services that multiple providers provide.
  • Pillar 3: This encompasses citizen-led solutions providers who contribute financial infrastructure to enable and improve the level of interaction between organizations and their members, while also offering private member-only services.


How Does Melonport Work?

  • Using the Melonport protocol, a fund manager can initiate a Melon asset management fund at a cheaper cost than the traditional structures that currently cater to this issue. Predefined parameters which are handled by smart contracts and secured by the blockchain protocol that houses them (currently only Ethereum), can be accessed by these fund managers and used for their own purposes.
  • Melonport protects investors' funds by enforcing those stringent parameters for operation of the system. This way, the fund is held in a more secure and trustless way than the traditional fund structures. As long as the protocol has been specified, it governs the entire operation of the system in a way that benefits the end-users.
  • The platform ensures the reduced cost of operation for users by lowering its barriers to entry. This also makes it easier to use when initiating a transparent, auditable and trustless fund on the blockchain. Normally, this process would require rigorous engineering and technical knowledge of blockchain technology which may be difficult to obtain for the average user. Melon ensures that users have all the tools that they can use easily for asset management without the need to learn the technicalities of the cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • The platform also makes it easy for users to track their tax requirements and share records of the fund as well as invest in other funds and allow other users to invest in their funds.


How Does PlataformaVerde Work?

  • Creation of tools for enterprises to track waste to its final destination.
  • Assistance with the control and inspection of waste management practices between private enterprises and the government as a way to stop the unlawful dumping of waste in landfills and other unlicensed destinations.
  • Definition of the destination chain and traceability provenance.
  • Provision of features tailored to suit an organization’s internal management system.
  • Control of registration and operations.
  • Detailed Analysis of global environmental performance in relation to organizational goals.
  • Protection of corporate information by restricting access to invite-only.
  • Provision of tools for automatic setting and tracking of waste management goals, expenses, and revenue.
  • Issuance of environmental management reports in a simple transport manifesto.
  • Control of emissions, loads and carriers.
  • Handling of licensing, automation, permits, deadlines and audits.
  • Activation of an efficient online waste logistics network.

Grid Singularity

How Does Grid Singularity work?

Final Thoughts



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