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Bitrue Premium Listing Track to Start With $ROPE on July 12

Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced its commitment and support to an upcoming wave of projects. The projects are hosted on ecosystems related to the likes of Solana, Hedera Hashgraph, and XinFin.

The exchange provides these projects a premium listing track that requires no listing or marketing fees and may face completion within days.

Supporting New Generation Blockchain Projects

The support was made possible by the massive order of requests from the Bitrue community asking them to list coins from some chains. Bitrue posted on Twitter on July 10, asking which Solana-based coin would be featured next on the exchange through voting.

More than 220,000 enthusiast fans from Solana came out and let Bitrue know their preferred projects. From the votes, $KIN came first. It was then followed by $ROPE.

Chief Marketing Officer, Bitrue, Adam O’ Neill, stated that they have watched Ethereum dominate as a platform for years. Whenever a project thought of developing and launching a new token, it was taken as the default chain. He continued to say that this is the first serious competition from the current new generation of platforms. The impact they are creating is even too significant to be ignored, he concluded.

So far, the first listing has begun with the DeFi coin, $ROPE, added for trading with USDT as of July 12, 2021. Users can deposit $ROPE, and Bitrue will enable live trading at 10:00 UTC.

The $ROPE community has indeed shown strength, and this is the start of something great. The following listing is yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned!

Bringing in More People

Mr. O’Neill said they are excited to be at the forefront of developing technical support for these chains. So far, he said, they have been able to reach out to dozens of potential new partners who will bring their coins on the Bitrue platform for its services.

Bitrue offers its clientele choices on earning through the platform and maximizing their earnings through flexible investments and lock-up investments. For lock-up investments, holders can stake their coins for a specific time and receive rewards at certain rates. On the other hand, flexible investments are earned every other day after staking.

On Bitrue, users can also trade in crypto assets. A unique feature of Bitrue is its loaning feature. Users can take out loans from coins like XRP, ETH, BTC, and USDT and repay them later at a specific rate.

Voting in for More Projects

In the future, there will be more coins getting voted into the Bitrue platform. However, only folks who hold the BTR token, the platform’s native token, can participate in the exercise. Holders can stake individual BTR to represent a single vote. The holders could also receive rewards for the coin they voted for if it received a certain threshold of votes to join Bitrue.

About Bitrue

Even though Bitrue is relatively new, it has the perfect qualities of a trading platform ideal for anyone venturing into the crypto world regardless of their expertise. The team is also dedicated to growth, clearly seen from the projects it is launching.

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