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Blockchain. Innovation. How we got both of them wrong.

Self-reproducing fractals observed in nature create beautiful patterns that are aesthetic but are also designed for purposes of utility relevant to its system.

“There is tremendous value in solving systemic challenges, but systemic challenges require systemic thinking and approaches.”

(Fig.1) Alexander von Humboldt’s Naturgemalde changed the way that we looked at the world. A world that was was interconnected and intertwined together in systems.

“If we were to create similar levels of visibility to the process of innovation, how would these observations impact the intentionality of how we invent?”

Fisker and Tesla had varying approaches to creating the electric car. Only of them exists to this day.
(Fig.2) In the process of morphogenesis, zygote self-reproduces into complexity that starts to specialize into organs and phenotypic traits.
Fig. 3.1 The rates of sophisticating performance across different lifecycles of a technology.
Fig. 3.2 The spatial distribution of a diffusing technology across a system of adopters.
Fig. 3.3 A comparison between innovation diffusion bell-curve and sigmoidal diagram illustrates phase transitions at the same threshold.
Fig. 3.4 As complexity increases over the course of a system’s lifecycle, connectedness in the form of clusters start to form. It is at the ratio of 0.5 between edges and nodes that clusters start to appear, illustrating a phase transition threshold.
Fig. 3.5 Illustrating the dynamics of a system growing in complexity measured by the size of the largest cluster. It is at a ratio of 0.5 between edges and nodes that a phase transition occurs.
Fig. 3.6 A utility curve illustrates the relationship between direct value and network influence that determines relevant fit over increasing complexity of a system.



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