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BossCrypto Review: Trading & Investing Academy

A Trading and Investing Academy Review by Altcoin Magazine

The Capital
Feb 21, 2019 · 9 min read

The Boss Crypto Academy, is it a trading course? Is it a signals channel? We spent the last 5–6 weeks inside their private academy to give you the inside scoop.

What first struck us about Boss Crypto was their unique approach to education. In their own words, here’s how it works:

“To improve your trading and change your life, watching is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Boss Crypto provides proven strategies, mental reprogramming, a supportive community and mentorship from expert investors.”

The above quote from their website showed me that a lot of thought had actually been put into the structure of their offer unlike some of the usual “courses” or “private signals channels”. Boss Crypto set out to build something unique and powerful, which resulted in a completely transformational program (from personal experience) to take the beginner and intermediate traders as well as investors that may have been losing in the markets, and hold their hand all the way to becoming a confident and profitable trader.

How does Boss Crypto do it?

The Boss Crypto Academy combines two pillars of trading and investing education into one streamlined package. They combine expert mentorship from their team of experienced traders, 24/7 support, access to a community of like-minded traders, a complete trading course and insight into their personal trades and portfolio structure.

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By combining all of these separate factors Boss Crypto is able to provide a step up in value for their students at a price far lower than the average online trading course.

By signing up to Boss Crypto, in their own words, you will receive:

1. Market Analysis

“Get access to exclusive cryptocurrency market analysis so you know where the market is heading, and exactly how to trade it.”

2. The Boss Crypto Portfolio

“Get access to the live version of our cryptocurrency portfolio. View all of the coins we are currently holding and trading at any time.”

3. Exclusive Trading & Investing Course

“We built out everything you need to know to profit trading cryptocurrencies into the Crypto Trading Course. No more sifting through hundreds of hours of useless videos.”

4. Trades From the Boss Crypto Team

“Our cryptocurrency trading experts share all of their trades, setups and risk management strategies with you.”

Rundown of the Boss Crypto Trading Course

Let’s go through exactly what you learn in the course:

Module One — Cryptocurrency Essentials and Foundations

1. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin explained clearly for the first time

2. How to get your fiat to Bitcoin — simple, fast, safe.

3. How to safely store your cryptocurrency so you never get scammed or hacked.

4. Get access to our top cryptocurrency exchanges and learn how to use them

5. Learn how to read a chart and completely understand what it all means.

6. Learn our formula for valuing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Module Two — Trading: Emotions, Plans, Mindset, and Success

1. Conquering Emotions, Mindset and Success

2. Goal Setting To Conquer Trading & Life

3. Organize Your Life and Your Trading

4. Your Trading Plan (Includes Downloadable Template)

5. Your Trading Journal (Includes Downloadable Template)

Module Three — Technical Analysis: Next level setups and strategies

1. Basics of technical charting

2. Are We Bullish Or Bearish? The Basics Of A Trend

3. How To Use Trend Lines

4. Support and Resistance Levels

5. A Complete Run Down On Technical Indicators

6. Fibonacci Levels

7. Classical Charting Patterns

8. Trading Candlestick Setups

Module Four — The Boss Crypto Trading Strategy

1. The Setups

2. Focussing On The Trend and Market Cycles

3. Drilling Down Multiple Timeframes

4. Managing The Trade — Your Complete Guide

5. The Fractal Model

6. Position Sizing and Risk Management

As you can see, the course covers an extremely diverse range of subjects designed to take traders and investors and turn them into experts capable of winning in the markets.

The Crypto Trading Course is a complete education platform, it is professionally designed, we found it easy to use and it really makes for a great experience going through the course. As you can see from the course structure above, the course starts out with the basics and slowly moves you through to high level and advanced trading concepts over the 23 hours of course content. The course is designed to take 6-weeks to complete and comes with community support, the ability to learn on your own time, dense but well-formatted lessons and a ton of free downloadable bonuses (trading journal, trading plan, goal setting, a mindset for success workbook and more).

That being said, their mindset course is unlike anything we have seen, having gone through many courses previously. It is an extremely unique experience and is certainly not just specific to success in trading, as you’ll learn so much more. It covers goal setting, the mindset of success, how to create successful habits and how to dominate in the markets. All of this information is taught first hand by the academy founder Boss Cole using his own life as a template.

As the name suggests, the Boss Crypto Trading Strategy module is their own private trading system that they teach to their students. This section is just over four hours long and covers everything that you need to trade like the Boss Crypto team. How to follow trends, how to enter positions, when to exit the markets and most importantly; risk management.

Our Boss Crypto Trading Course rating: 8.9/10

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The Boss Crypto Private Channel

In my experience inside the Boss Crypto Private Channel while a number of private channels and signals groups were posting signals the team at Boss Crypto had kept a level head and were sitting mostly in Bitcoin and USD which prevented an excruciating amount of losses suffered by other trading channels.

“You will receive instant access to our exact trades, setups and risk management strategies. Our team has been successfully trading the markets now for years. We have the most experience, we have the best traders and not only do we win, but we show you exactly how you can win too.”

The above statement is taken directly from their website. While it is a strong statement (I assume for marketing purposes) it has shown to be true, at least in my experience with Boss Crypto so far. Their fundamental analyst has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2011. Their partnership with Jason Jenkins from JRM gets them access to an institutional level trader with literally decades of trading experience. The two main cryptocurrency traders and analysts have been involved in the markets since 2016 and actively trading through the bull and bear markets.

Our Boss Crypto Private Channel rating: 9.3/10

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Why do we think Boss Crypto is so different?

Boss Crypto is not like other private channels or signals groups. While the marketing on their website might make it seem like they are, the experience inside the academy is completely different.

“Our focus on education is absolutely unparalleled. The Boss Crypto team is not here to provide you with basic signals. We are here to teach you how to become a successful trader yourself.” — Boss Cole

That means that to get the most out of Boss Crypto you need to be the kind of person that takes action and actually wants to improve. Most signals channels claim that infinite gains are easy, that trading and investing is easy, but it isn’t. To be a successful trader requires a breadth of knowledge that takes years of hands-on experience to collect. It requires almost perfect emotional discipline and as much as the “experts” will tell you differently; results are far from guaranteed.

That is why we approve and recommend Boss Crypto. They are going to show you exactly what you need to learn and they are going to hold your hand for the entire journey, but of course, they aren’t going to do it for you. It is still up to you to make sure you engage, learn and practice, and if you do, you should see results as well.

Reviewing Boss Crypto — Conclusion

Boss Crypto offers:

1. Market analysis & access to their trades

2. View their portfolio

3. Their crypto trading course

4. 24/7 mentorship and support

5. A community of like-minded traders and investors

This is all delivered between their private Slack channel and membership site which as of this writing has 255 paying members. Inside the Slack channel, the information is split into 22 separate channels with 6 main channels where their analysts are posting their trades and information. The remaining channels are for users to participate in conversations and discussions amongst themselves. The course and the portfolio is hosted neatly on their membership site.


  1. 7-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee so you can test it all out for yourself
  2. The best cryptocurrency trading course that we’ve taken
  3. Access to 4 professional traders 24/7 whenever you have questions
  4. Insight into what the best traders in the markets are holding in their portfolio
  5. Access to a stream of trades and market analysis that will keep you in the loop, give you the confidence to act and an understanding of where the market is going
  6. Genuinely nice people, everyone in this community has been incredibly helpful and generous through my entire time in the channel
  7. Everything you could possibly need in one place
  8. The opportunity to start a journey from a beginner or intermediate trader all the way through to a professional one that can consistently and reliably make better decisions and keep their emotions under control in the markets


  1. Unfortunately, $99/month can be expensive during the bear market
  2. It would be nice if they added one more section to the course for advanced traders that have been trading for 5+ years
  3. The discussion channels aren’t as active as they used to be, though there are still a number of posts and discussions happening every day
  4. A 30-day free trial would be good for those that want more than 7 days to make up their mind

Overall, if you are the kind of person that wants to improve as a trader this is the community that you need to get you there. However, if you are the kind of person that likes to take the easy way out then you are better off taking a punt on some of the other signals channels out there that just post entries and exits, just be careful doing this.

As I have actively used their service now I can comment that Boss Crypto has been completely transparent and trustworthy with me. While I was there they started to collect Trustpilot reviews and they now have twelve 5-star reviews from current students giving them a 5-star rating on the platform. If you head to their website you can also see over 70 testimonials from their customers.

Trading and investing is not easy and anyone that tells you that it is should be ignored. If you want to take this seriously and you want to improve, The Boss Crypto Academy might be something for you — apply today to get your 7-day free trial and take it for a test drive yourself.

Sincerely, the Altcoin Magazine team.

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