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Capixal Review 2021: Exciting World of International Trading

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Jul 23 · 7 min read

Every successful trader primarily focuses on two things- an excellent and practical trading strategy, and a good broker. To further ease your journey as a trader, in this article, we will discuss Capixal forex broker, which is a firm that allows traders of every experience level to make money without much stress.

Fundamentally, Capixal is a relatively new online broker introduced to the market in 2021. Its parent company, IFC investment, is a licensed company that complies with necessary regulations. This platform, Capixal offers its users unparalleled experiences when it comes to online trading. It is one of the best fits for Beginners in trading as it offers them personalized investment tips and educational materials under the education section. Regulated by CySEC, coupled with its ultra-modern features and instruments make financial trading more accessible and secure for everyone.

Furthermore, Capixal is a stroke player in the CFD ecosystem. Hence, it is a well-sought option for every investor. Traders can access seamless approaches to transacting different markets across the globe and invest without risking their capital. This broker also has a demo account that traders can utilize to practice the various features on the platform, so they can get accustomed to them. Capixal has a dedicated customer support service, which is one of the critical aspects lacking in the market today.

As of today, Capixal offers three distinct trading accounts: the platinum account, the silver account, and the gold account. Traders of every level will prefer this broker due to its opportunity to trade at high leverage and more negligible spreads. You can easily adjust to the environment while enjoying significant speed coverage of international markets.

This is the best option for anyone just navigating the market. It allows them to test how the market responds to some changes or ideas globally, without losing a significant chunk of their capital. Besides, it is fully customizable.

Capixal charges zero commission for any deposit on its sliver account, which helps market players and traders save a lot, compared to most of its competitors. Every trader can trade on 350 CFD assets, which is impressive as it proffers answers to the demands of multiple traders.

Its dedicated and reliable support system guarantees that investors do not have to put a hold on their works as they trade. Traders can access dynamic and flexible spreads that will come in handy for different investments. Averagely, execution time on the silver account stands at about 0.08 seconds which is somewhat fast even for younger traders. You can converse with the customer service in multiple languages.

Following European regulations, the silver account has a maximum leverage of 1:30 which is pretty decent, especially for budding investors. It features up to 11 spreads; DAX 250, Gold 80, and more.

Note: Islamic traders can also access Islamic account facility, which offers more unique services than what normal traders can access. This primarily focuses on encouraging trading among people holding Islamic beliefs, and as such, following sharia law. It duly follows the norms of the religion.

Traders who believe their experience and expectations surpass the silver account can access the opportunity to earn and trade bigger and better with the Gold account. The average transaction speed is a bit lower than the sliver account. It is faster than 0.06 seconds. As such, it levels up the chances of profit booking. The gold account also has a multilingual customer support service that helps traders and investors from every region and nation by speaking the native languages they understand.

The spread begins from 20, which is instrumental in trade leveraging. Similar to silver account, commission on deposits is 0, which will ultimately help investors and other market players save a lot. The free educational section is a plus as it helps everyone develop with updated and relevant insights and information about the financial market.

It offers multiple currency pairs ranging from USD/CHF, NZD/USD to AUD/USD, and many more. Capixal adopts the multiple execution models on its MT4 protocol. Furthermore, traders can access leverages of up to 1:500.

Navigating international markets become more approachable with the platinum account. As a trader, you can expand your horizon beyond the shores of experimentation and access massive yields within a shorter period. Besides, the ability to invest in markets skyrockets when investors opt-in for the platinum account.

Similar to other options, Capixal charges no commission fee while trading or depositing funds on this account. It also has an educational section free of charge. The platinum account features maximum leverage of 1:500; therefore, as a trader, you are in for a sizable profit.

The spreads are flexible, making trading more engaging and accessible. The platinum account offers over 300 FD assets, multiple currency pairs, and several account currencies. Capixal platinum account has the fastest execution speed you can find in the market today, 0.04s.

Capixal offers a vast range of assets product lines to investors and traders. Trading with these assets is straightforward, flexible, and conducive for every market. Some of these assets are indices, forex, stock trading, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Capixal provides a balanced approach to trading crypto assets and makes the process seamless and easier with its analytical tools. As a trader, you can pick up crypto assets such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. You can access them via CFDs.

Investors can purchase and trade popular stocks such as Apple, Google, Zoom, Microsoft, Intel, Tesla, Netflix, among others. With the best sixty analytical tools available for every investor on Capixal, stocks trading has never been easier.

There are over 24 commodities available on this platform. You can also trade any of these assets via CFDs. Commodities cushion as Corn, Gold, sugar, silver and many others are available for trading

If you intend to diversify your portfolio, you can access a vast range of indices that are available globally for trade.

Multiple entities are available for trading, such as the 45 currency pairs. The leverage features considerable flexibility with a state-of-art platform alongside low spreads and tools. You also can leverage the market charts available. Essentially, Capixal offers one of the best forex tradings with its ultra-modern trading platform.

Capixal offers arguably the most advanced trading platform, MT4. MT4, also called MetaTrader-4 allows the use of Capixal on multiple trading platforms such as mobile apps, WebTrader, among others. Essentially, the trading platform is one of the best and as such, you can place your bet on them.

The educational and market analysis resources featured on this platform are second to none. With them, you can have a better understanding of the market irrespective of your current knowledge.

You can use capixal on mobile, and desktop. Another garnish on the serving is the various analytical tools and economic calendars that you can use as you deem fit.

Capixal is one of the safest forex brokers you can find around in the financial market. CySEC regulates its activities under license number 327/176. Owned by IFC investment, Cyprus, and with a crucial address of Office 203, Second floor, 24w. P.Lordos Centre, Limassol, you can be rest assured that your investment is in safe hands. Besides, it is fully registered with a reg number of 342390. As such, these are factors that authenticate and validate Capixal as a secure broker for traders and investors alike.

In this Capixal review, the most attractive feature the platform offers is the cryptocurrency offering. Featuring well over thirty CFD crypto assets, this broker has positioned itself as a worthy option for crypto enthusiasts. Although Capixal is a relatively new entrant in the market, it can boast of a top-notch website, where you can access all information relevant to your goals easily and quickly. Besides, it offers a vast range of educational materials which non-clients can access a few of them. For instance, there are Articles, tutorials, VODs, E-books, Courses, and more. Also in the quest to keep more traders updated about the market, Capixal features an economic calendar and specialized news and alerts, which is even better if you have a dedicated account manager. The zero commission is another impressive news for stocks and other market traders. Upon request, you also get to access trade signals as an active client.


This review shows how necessary it is to choose right when looking for a broker to invest with. With Capixal, you can access optimum results even when investing in times of fluctuations, uncertainties, and doubts. It has a vast range of assets that you can trade via CFDs. Also, the pro clients can enjoy the leverage of up to 1:500. Forex traders can access a demo account alongside a professional account. Traders can take maximum advantage of the featured low spread charges alongside the zero commission trade to further maximize their profit. Capixal also features one of the biggest swap discounts compared to its competitors in the market.

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