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Coinbase CEO UK – Zeeshan: The Battle of CBDC’s & Digital Yuan, USDC coin & Coinbase listing pumps?

Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies across the globe,

Welcome back to our special Virtual Interview series! In this episode, we are honored to interview Zeeshan Feroz, CEO of Coinbase UK. A #fintech and payments veteran, he previously worked as

Global Head of Payments at crowdfunding firm (since acquired by Airbnb), as well as VP of Sales at online payments firm Skrill. He also studied #cryptography as part of his Masters in Advanced Computing at King’s College London.

Launched in 2012, Coinbase is the world’s largest platform for transacting in digital currency like

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum and #Litecoin, with now over 20 million customers globally. The company is working to create a more open global financial system to bring about more economic freedom, innovation, efficiency and equality of opportunity around the world.

Discover his views on whether cryptocurrencies are the new asset class, the opportunities brought by Bitcoin including acceptance and transparency, and finally, the recent surge of the digital Yuan #cbdc

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00:56 Intro

02:12 Shout out to the Capital

04:13 Is Cryptocurrency the new asset class?

04:51 Will #Bitcoin become money 2.0?

05:19 Money will become a free market

06:00 Launching #USDC

07:06 The trust in Stablecoins

08:10 A surge in prices before coins get listed

10:11 The difference between retail apps and exchanges

11:23 The community decides which projects to interact with

12:02 Central bank digital currencies

12:46 Is the digital Yuan a threat?

15:07 The leap from a £5 note to 1 BTC…

17:41 Some simply won’t embrace Bitcoin

21:04 How to facilitate mass adoption

21:53 Bitcoin is not just about the technology

25:37 London as a crypto Hub leading the way

26:42 Finance 2.0

28:49 Andreas Antonopoulos and Finance 2.0



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