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Crypto Hardware Wallet Review: The Top Wallets

Cryptocurrency is a revolution that will change the way we live. It is still in its infancy, and there are many more changes to come. As it develops, new security measures must be put into place to ensure that people’s hard-earned money stays safe from hackers and thieves of all kinds. Hardware wallets are one of these necessary developments for cryptocurrency users. This blog post provides an overview of the top three hardware wallets on the market today.

What is a crypto hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets are special-purpose security-hardened devices for storing cryptographic assets like cryptocurrency and keys (bitcoin private key). They come with high price tags but offer an unmatched level of physical security as compared to other types of storage mediums.

With Windows OS becoming more vulnerable than ever before it’s essential to have a secure means to protect our crypto coins offline against hackers and malware attacks. So let us take a look at some top Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets available out there right now:

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S has been around for a while and it is one of the most popular wallets around. . It supports more than 50 coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, etc. If you store your crypto assets on an exchange then it will not be secure as exchanges can get hacked any time so it’s better to keep them in cold storage which means offline with reliable security features like pin code or backup seed key. The ledger nano s cost around $ 100 plus shipping charges.


This hardware wallet has a super slick design to look at but also comes with some serious security features built-in so you can store your crypto offline on it safely without worrying about hacking or theft of any kind.

The team behind Coolwallet has implemented blockchain technology to create an ultra-secure wallet that lets you send bitcoin directly from your mobile device just like PayPal does with their app! You simply sync up the bluetooth enabled device via App Store / Google Play to gain access to your funds.

Altcoin hardware wallet

Another great option for storing large amounts of different cryptocurrencies is the OpenDime Viacoin USB stick which can be used on any computer and mobile device to send or receive coins with just a click of a button! This wallet provides one-time secure usage so you don’t have to worry about your keys being exposed after sending crypto once. It’s also lightweight, portable, and has an easy user interface that doesn’t require technical knowledge at all.

Final Thoughts

More important than ever with new threats on the rise is to get yourself a hardware wallet. Secure offline storage for cryptocurrencies. Protect all of your crypto assets from hackers, malware, & viruses as well as loss or theft through human error such as forgotten passwords or broken devices.

Most importantly: don’t lose them! Cryptos are lost forever if you forget a password or misplace an encrypted key file (similar to forgetting a wallet). With daily news reports of lost & stolen hardware wallets, you can never be too careful.




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