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Crypto investing has never been more accessible or secure — So why the stigma?

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ICOs and beyond

ICOs were the first widely adopted vehicle for crypto investing and proved very popular. In 2017 966 ICOs were concluded, raising just over $10bn, while a year later, 2,284 ICOs concluded, raising $11.4bn. But then the bubble burst. Regulators started taking an interest, deeming many token sales illegal, indeed, many were little more than scams, the community got spooked, and investment dried up.

Reputable support

In 2019 and 2020, we have seen some of the most reputable names in finance announce digital asset projects.

Ease of access

It has never been simpler to invest in crypto. While it’s true that some technical knowledge is required when buying some digital currencies, platforms such as eToro and major exchanges make buying tokens as straightforward as online banking. And why wouldn’t they? The simpler it is, the more customers they’ll attract.

Asset Management — new alternatives

Which brings us to security? While rarely a week goes by without another exchange hacking or some such scandal making headlines, in reality, it has never been safer to invest in crypto.

  • Fear of not quite understanding the asset class.
  • Which is the right digital asset to invest in?
  • Do the funds pass meaningful due diligence?
  • Reputable counter parties such and administrator, custodian & auditor
  • How can I achieve diversification within this new asset class?
  • Fear of single and unknown manager risk



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Lee Hills

CEO, SolutionsHub | EGR Cryptocurrency Services Supplier 2022 | Non Executive Board Member, Digital Isle of Man