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Crypto Leagues is live!

If you ever wanted to get involved with cryptocurrencies, then now is the perfect time!

Crypto Leagues is a brand new cryptocurrency trading game on a mission to introduce and onboard new users to the blockchain space. The game is free-to-play, eliminating any financial risks!

The time has come to introduce cryptocurrencies to everyone, in a fun, risk-free and potentially profitable way.”

Mark Jacobsen, founder.

The platform offers the most realistic cryptocurrency trading simulation to date, complete with trading fees, depth charts, order books and both market and limit orders! The skills and knowledge you pick up while playing, can as such be transferred directly and used when you take the next step and start trading on a real cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto Leagues is the perfect platform to test the waters and players can even compete in several leagues at once, to maximize their chances of winning. Trade your way to the top of the league to win cryptocurrencies and learn about new cryptocurrencies along the way. Soon the platform will also feature an introduction to wallets, dApps (decentralized applications), and best practices when it comes to storing and using cryptocurrencies.

There is a clear need for a platform that introduces and onboard new users to the blockchain space.”

Mark Jacobsen, founder.

So far, Digibyte, Uptrennd and Parachute have all sponsored leagues and Crypto Leagues has paid out more than 800.000 PAR, 2500 DGB and 15000 1UP to the winners of previous leagues.

Sign up now and test your trading skills!




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