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Crypto News You May Or Not Have Heard About — #1

As we see more large brands/companies enter the crypto space, it is always an excellent sign for the future of cryptocurrency. That being said, this will be a weekly series that accumulates a variety of crypto-related news that you may or may not have heard about, let’s get started!

Fendi x Ledger Hardware Wallet

Image Credits via Fendi

The luxury Italian brand, Fendi, is partnering with Ledger to create their first hardware wallet coming soon in June 2022. This is a rather unexpected collaboration; however, it will be highly sought after once released.

Bank of America’s Thoughts on SOL

Solana is now sitting at the 5th highest market cap crypto valued at $46 billion. BoA strategist, Alkesh Shah, has recently said that SOL will become the:

“Visa of the digital asset ecosystem.”

Tesla Taking Doge Coin as Payment

Image Credits: News.Bitcoin

As some of you may have seen, a decent pump in Doge about 2 days ago. That’s because Tesla’s merch store was selling items priced in Doge! It was really random, but it definitely was huge news that quickly travelled around. View below:

Cyberquad | Cyberwhistle

Gap’s Dive Into NFTs with Gap Threads

Gap Threads

This week Gap released its first NFT on the Tezos blockchain, a series of metallic hoodies, that have all sold out.

Next drop will on the 19th.

Jack Dorsey Dives Into Bitcoin Mining

Back in October 2021, Jack brought up this idea up and now it’s a reality. He has stated that his main goal is to:

“build in the open in collaboration with the community”

We are seeing lots of exciting news in the crypto space, hope to see you guys in next weeks issue!

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