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DefHold The First Global Staking Platform

2020 will go down as the breakout year for Defi. Its TVL soared from $850 million in 2019 to $14.9 Billion by mid-December 2020. Though the sector is evolving and we expect further growths, it’s inconceivable that they’ll match this year’s levels. As more effort goes to expanding the utility of Defi Platforms, there’ll be a tapering down of the growth levels.

Defi’s growth has come with many trading strategies. One of the popular strategies is staking. In this article, we delve into the DefHold Global Stacking Platform. We will examine its features and value proposition. In the end, we hope that you’ll have an excellent grasp of this revolutionary product.

Understanding The DefHold Global Staking Platform

DefHold is a Defi ecosystem structured to mitigate inflationary tendencies. It seeks to provide investors with profitable long-term investment strategies while cushioning them from market manipulation.

Currently, the popular mode of securing assets is through stablecoins. One can then stake or farm them to generate yield for the underlying assets.

Besides averaging down the purchase price, investors lack the incentive to hold on to their funds in market dumps. DefHold will incentivize investors for accurately managing their portfolios and liquidity. It will provide them with autonomous yield generating solutions.

Features Defining Defhold’s Global Staking Platform

DefHold’s unique features set it apart from the rest of the market. Its users can look forward to a fulfilling experience courtesy of its rich offering. Here’s a snippet of its best bits:

Powered by DEFO

DEFO is DefHold’s native token. Investors will use it to stake or farm assets into pools with different predefined lock-up periods. That said, they will allow them to withdraw their assets anytime. Stakers and famers may withdraw their assets before term by applying the early withdrawal fee (EWF).

Early Withdrawal Fees

The EWF will be the first stream of revenue for the investors. Proper management of investments helps them to avoid exiting the pools earlier. As such, they avoid incurring EWF. Moreover, they’ll earn EWF from those withdrawing their funds earlier.

This arrangement will generate yield in a non-inflationary manner; it doesn’t require additional DEFO minting.

Staking and Farming Pools

DefHold can participate in the following staking and farming pools:


Pool Lock-Up Period EWF

1st Pool 10 Days 1% of staked DEFO

2nd Pool 30 Days 3.5% of staked DEFO

3rd Pool 60 Days 8.2% of staked DEFO

4th Pool 90 Days 14.3% of staked DEFO

5th Pool 180 Days 33.3% of staked DEFO


Pool Lock-Up Period EWF

1st Pool 10 Days 2% of farmed LP tokens

2nd Pool 30 Days 7% of farmed LP tokens

3rd Pool 60 Days 16.3% of farmed LP tokens

4th Pool 90 Days 28.6% of farmed LP tokens

5th Pool 180 Days 66.6% of farmed LP tokens

The pools don’t have a commencement date. Therefore investors can join the pools at any time. A smart contract will automatically calculate the end of their lock-up period. Moreover, each time a pool reaches the lock-up period of a faster pool, investors’ funds will be automatically transferred into the faster bank (in this case, the EWF and rewards will automatically change to match those of the pool the tokens are transferred).

Token Distribution

The project has a lifetime distribution of 12,000 DEFO. It will allocate them as follows:

· Presale- 3,576 DEFO(29.8%)

· Airdrop -3,000 DEFO(25%)

· Liquidity-2, 340 DEFO(19.5%)

· Team -1,200(10%)

· Marketing 1–600(5%)

· Marketing 2- 1,164(9.70%)

· LID- 120 (1%)

By the time of writing, DefHOld has transferred 75% of ETH raised into the Uniswap liquidity pool together with 19.50% of the DEFO tokens. It has used LID smart contracts to lock forever Uniswap liquidity. Marketing 2, Team, Airdrop, and LID tokens are time-locked and released at a monthly rate of 10% over a period of 10 months by LID smart contracts.

Liquidity Enhancement

In a bid to maintain liquidity as high as possible, the project has chosen to:

  1. Host its presale with Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID)-75% of ETH raised have been allocated to Uniswap liquidity and locked by smart contracts helping protect inventors from exit scams.
  2. Distribute EWF revenues- this will increase their revenues and incentivize them for providing liquidity.

Maintenance of Buying Pressure and TVL

In a bid to maintain the buying pressure and incentivize joining and staying within DEfHold, the project undertakes to:

  1. Maintain the TVL and decrease DEFO in circulation through staking and farming EWF.
  2. Guarantee DEFO holders non-inflationary staking and farming revenues, avoiding an infinite increase in supply.
  3. Cap DEFO supply at 12000.
  4. Require future token pools to hold amounts equal to EWF in DEFO.

Benefits of DefHold’s Global Staking Platform

What then can the investors expect from DefHold? Here we provide a rundown of the platform’s key benefits:

  • Increase exposure of DEFO — it is the first platform to offer a global staking service utilising an EWF mechanism accessible to every ERC-20 tokens holder.
  • Increase in the platform’s TVL- holders of every ERC-20 token can stake on the platform, increasing its TVL and the possibility of some stakers withdrawing their funds before the lock-up period’s end.
  • Enhancing DEFO’s buying pressure and price- every ERC-20 tokens’ pool will market-buy DEFO for an amount equal to the EWF.
  • Enjoyment of price upsides with their staking -Stakers can enjoy any price gains without having to sell their tokens to benefit from the EWF pools.
  • Ability to attract each ERC-20 project on the DefHold platform- the platform won’t place a requirement on the minimum staked amount per project, it will share the rewards among all the stakers notwithstanding their base tokens.

Final Thoughts

Staking continues to be the safe bet against the volatility in the crypto space. The Defi sector is awash with platforms providing staking services. DefHold is one of those. It prides itself on being the first global staking platform. Powdered by the DEFO token, it will allow any ERC- 20 token to operate on its platform. Besides its Early Withdrawal Fees function, it has many other features that will enrich users’ experiences. Its ability to guarantee investors the enjoyment of price upsides without requiring them to withdraw funds is one of the benefits that sets it apart. Additionally, it will consistently maintain a high DEFO buying pressure and price making it a sustainable venture to its investors. It is the go-to platform in matters staking.



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