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Digital Fiat; QE4Ever then Helicopter Money?

By Dr. Chris Kacher of Hanse Digital Access, KJA Digital Investments and Virtue of Selfish Investing on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Digital National Currencies

Facebook, as well as the other FAANG stocks, must stay focused on innovative technologies as the bleeding edge continues to evolve at an ever-quickening pace. Facebook’s digital currency Libra has stirred other countries into jump-starting programs aimed at digitizing their own currencies. While Libra is centralized thus can be controlled and regulated, some believe it would be an alternative to Facebook simply adopting bitcoin despite one congressman recently sharing his belief that Facebook would be better off adopting bitcoin.

Helicopter Money — Bullish For BTC

How much longer can fiat be printed? How much longer can fiat be debased? How much longer can the can be kicked down the road, or isn’t really more like pushing a snowball off Mt. Everest? What happens should current modes of QE fail?

Trade War

As for the trade war between the U.S. and China, the protests in Hong Kong are having an impact on trade negotiations. Beijing threatened to interfere with a ruling by Hong Kong’s highest court in regards to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, so the U.S. stepped in and said it would curtail China’s trade preferences if it failed to respect Hong Kong’s political autonomy. Beijing reacted badly to this.

China Has Been Bullish on Blockchain

In an interesting turn of events given China’s banning of ICOs and bitcoin exchanges as well as plans to ban bitcoin mining, China’s President Xi Jinping recently said the country needs to “seize the opportunity” offered by blockchain technology. Blockchain has a wide array of applications within China from financing businesses to mass transit to poverty alleviation. Xi remarked,



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