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DigitalFlyer® and Community Business Token: Breaking Barriers and Transforming Communities

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Jul 28 · 5 min read

COVID-19 has brought the global economy to its knees. Of course, this is not some strange or “did you know” fact. As such, beyond question, everyone would agree with it. The influence of the pandemic escalated across nations worldwide, each experiencing a fair share of its impact. Unfortunately, South Africa had a sizable proportion of the effects with about 2.37 million cases and a relatively paralyzed economy. In 2020 IFPRI, in a report, assessed the impact and deemed it as never-before-seen.

Asides from the pandemic’s influence governing the nation with cold heart sympathy, the emergence of crypto scams has further taken up an integral role in crippling both the South African centralized and decentralized finance ecosystem. BBC and BusinessTech reported recently that South Africa experienced arguably some of the biggest crypto scam worldwide with the South African MIT scheme saga. Not to mention several other fraudulent crypto schemes swept under the carpet. It is evident that South Africa is facing large setbacks and challenges economically resulting from COVID-19 and the array of scams, intensified by the latest unrest in the country.

The Emerging Reassurance

Since its inception, DigitalFlyer® has taken up an active role in assisting small businesses get connected digitally. By changing the way they do business everyone plays a part in rebuilding the South African economy. It is a South African project whose top priority revolves around reviving the hope for sustainable economic and community development by simply using the DigitalFlyer® platform.

Since 2020 DigitalFlyer® has offered a sizable opportunity for anyone looking to explore a profit-oriented digital business marketplace. It allows a business to have access to digital tools and functionalities that are usually too expensive, to generate profit simply by carrying out more business activities using the DigitalFlyer® platform. CBT will be used within the DigitalFlyer® platform as a rewards token, making this crypto rewards token accessible to any size business and introducing crypto use and trading to the masses.

What’s even more compelling is its value-for-money offerings. Accessing the full features on the marketing platform is affordable while making everything you need for the success of your business available in an all-in-one platform. In essence, the platform is functional, effective, and features no hidden fees. All these are instrumental to nurturing an ecosystem that accommodates all and sundry irrespective of business orientation, cultural background as well as blockchain and crypto understanding.

Utilizing the business and marketing features embedded in the multi-functional innovation, anyone seeking your service or business can find you via the web searches featured on both the mobile application and the web platform. Besides, there is a wide array of features and modules that further facilitates business processes. In addition, the transparent affiliation program has made recruitment more accessible and seamless for job seekers and employers.

Another intriguing fact is its marketing approach to international businesses. Irrespective of your location, not limited to the South African business outfit, you can enjoy diverse features that will help amplify your business reach, surge your profit margin, and ultimately propel you into an untapped world of opportunities.

Evidently, as the project is progressing in terms of years, so is it in terms of overall growth in functionality, audiences, reach, as well as partnerships. Besides, it even holds the promise to break barriers and transform the face of the South African as well as global centralized and decentralized economy.

Giving Back to the Community

With DigitalFlyer® and CBT, the vision is to make a sustainable difference in communities. In essence, the aim is to work with communities, not for them. By bringing back hope and self-worth it ensures continual growth and self-sustainability of these communities. Ensuring steady growth is by no means an easy task. Essentially, the goal is to enable communities to become self-supported by working with individuals and organisations with the same passion and foresight. Revenue generated through Community Business Token (CBT) and DigitalFlyer® is used to help communities as well as benefiting businesses.

A Range of Supported Exchanges

As of today, CBT has been available for trade on four major exchanges; IndoEx, LATOKEN, Bitsten, and CoinsBit. With this range of options, the project keeps driving towards facilitating more flexibility in trades and exchange. Everyone could access the diverse features tailored to their preferences from these exchanges. This is noteworthy progress in the project, and we believe as the project develops, it will add a few more exchanges to amplify its reach and appeal to a vast range of audiences compared to what it has now.

CBT’s growth is relatively rapid and has been breaking barriers as well as hitting new highs since inception. As such, undeniably, it promises to be an ultimately beneficial and profitable investment option.

Approach to NFTs

At this point, reiterating the revolutionary influence of NFTs is an unnecessary redundancy. We’ve seen evidence-backed instances of their potential, what they can do, and how much value they can hold. As bitcoin is touted as the digital answer to traditional currency, NFTs are hailed as the digital approach to collectables.

CBT incorporates creatives in its operations, as such, it features a range of NFT collectables on OpenSea. OpenSea is deemed as one of the best P2P marketplaces for NFTs where you can sell, auction, or purchase digital assets seamlessly.

Finalist in the FileCoin Grant Global Online Hackathon

FileCoin Grant Global Online Hackathon is a creative event open to developers globally. The event is co-organized by two heavyweights within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, FileCoin and DoraHacks. FileCoin has a relatively robust reputation as a Decentralized storage network, while DoraHacks is revered as a global developer community. These two major players within the ecosystem hosted this event to support and provide encouragement for early-stage developer projects who are ushering the DeFi space into an entirely new world and next-gen decentralized applications and protocols. Fortunately, CBT happens to be one of those revolutionary projects.

To further cement the disruptive and revolutionary tendency of this innovation, CBT & DigitalFlyer®, clinched a well-sought finalist position in the event as a project seeking to offer solutions and develop exciting products and technology.

Learn more and stay up to date with the progress on any of the channels: https://linktr.ee/CBTCommunity

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