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Eterbase Launches The Treasury Gateway

Accelerating wider adoption of crypto by facilitating B2B transactions with traditional industry

The blockchain space is extremely dynamic — every few months you notice trend shifts and new companies & business models emerge.

With the decentralisation mania of 2017 long gone, we have seen many new projects come to fruition that want to breach the gap between blockchain technology and traditional businesses.

The appeal is clear — large scale implementation of blockchain technology will make businesses much more efficient, enable new use-cases and save them a lot of money.

Currently, B2B focused blockchain projects have developed several use-cases for their token as part of their tokenomics. Most of them require their native token to be used as payment for their services. They have clear guidelines in their tokenomics as to how the received payment is managed — usually the tokens are forwarded to a burn address (to decrease circulating supply) or to their reserve fund.

However, this model brings a lot of friction and/or regulatory hurdles for the project:

Their clients (non-blockchain businesses) need to convert FIAT to Crypto, deposit it onto an exchange, buy the project’s native token and then pay for the service.

Because these businesses generally don’t know how blockchain functions, the added friction generated by having to handle tokens makes it very unlikely they would pay for the service in the first place, thus hindering adoption.

The project needs to have a Corporate account which they can use to receive the payment and then execute the token buy-back themselves.

The current regulatory environment across the globe makes it very difficult for blockchain projects to operate these transactions via traditional FIAT/SEPA methods. The vast majority of banks are closing their doors to crypto projects providing them with an uncertain future.

Introducing the Eterbase Treasury Gateway

Eterbase is uniquely positioned in the blockchain space to facilitate B2B transactions between crypto projects and traditional Enterprise because of our:

  • Monetary license — via Majestic Omnibank Payment Platform
  • Corporate Crypto Friendly Fiat/SEPA accounts
  • Synthetic IBAN accounts on Exchange
  • Direct FIAT pairings of tokens
  • Negative trading fees reducing costs
  • Compliance with current and future regulations

By working with our partner Majestic Omnibank ( our treasury clients will be able to receive EUR SEPA IBAN in their projects name, open a payment account and receive a direct Majestic IBAN for EUR SEPA payments. They will also be able to send and receive EUR SEPA payments across the markets of 28 member states of the European Union.

So how does it work?

Non-blockchain enterprises will pay projects for their services through a FIAT payment directly to the project’s Corporate IBAN account.

This means they don’t have to go through the intense process of figuring out what FIAT on-ramp to use, which token to buy, what exchange to deposit them on and how to buy the project’s native token.

The Project will see the received funds directly on their Eterbase Exchange account.

On top of having a corporate account that allows them to perform traditional FIAT/SEPA payments, Treasury Partners will also have a 2nd synthetic Iban account accessible from their Exchange account.

The Project will seamlessly buy back the required amount of tokens on behalf of their client and distribute these tokens accordingly based on their tokenomics

Projects Are Already Coming On Board

Prior to creating the Eterbase Treasury Gateway, we performed extensive market research and had several meetings with prominent blockchain projects that are encountering the issues presented above.

Despite having multiple paying clients on board, the process is hampered by the complexities they currently face.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we are in talks with several projects to be the first Treasury Gateway partners. Due to their interest of finally having a compliant and efficient solution to their biggest pain points, we have set a target to have 50 projects as part of the Gateway within the next 6 months. This will benefit the Eterbase ecosystem in a number of significant ways:

  • Quality Projects With Paying Clients

We are focused on projects that strive for real adoption and already have paying clients from traditional industry. They will bring enterprise volume to the exchange, along with new users from their communities who will prefer to trade their tokens on the exchange where enterprise transactions are actually performed.

  • Cross-marketing Opportunities

We view projects using our Treasury Gateway as more than customers, we see them as our partners.By forming deeper relationships with them, we will strengthen each of our communities & share news and updates across media channels.

  • Tokenomics

We will release all the details on how projects can become Treasury Gateway partners very soon. Everything we do is geared towards maximising the usage of our platform

and the utility of the XBASE/XBASEB token. By implementing innovative ways to use our token we believe it will benefit all token holders. Each project joining as a Treasury partner will be required to become a premium member, therefore purchasing our tokens and locking them on the exchange, further decreasing the circulating supply.

  • Transparency

By being 100% public with the process and the fees involved, we aim to raise the much needed standards of transparency within the crypto ecosystem. As an exchange, we want to support our partner projects as much as possible, while providing numerous benefits for our end users.

Further information will be released in regards to this on the 29th of September along with regular future updates on our new Treasury partners.

To open an account and start trading head to




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