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Eterbase Launches The Treasury Gateway

Accelerating wider adoption of crypto by facilitating B2B transactions with traditional industry

Introducing the Eterbase Treasury Gateway

Eterbase is uniquely positioned in the blockchain space to facilitate B2B transactions between crypto projects and traditional Enterprise because of our:

  • Corporate Crypto Friendly Fiat/SEPA accounts
  • Synthetic IBAN accounts on Exchange
  • Direct FIAT pairings of tokens
  • Negative trading fees reducing costs
  • Compliance with current and future regulations

So how does it work?

Non-blockchain enterprises will pay projects for their services through a FIAT payment directly to the project’s Corporate IBAN account.

Projects Are Already Coming On Board

Prior to creating the Eterbase Treasury Gateway, we performed extensive market research and had several meetings with prominent blockchain projects that are encountering the issues presented above.



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