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Flare Networks May Integrate Cardano After Voting On Twitter

The Flare network launched a poll on Twitter to get users’ views on whether they should integrate ADA after initiating support for XRP, DOGE, and LTC.

Flare Networks is considering the integration of Cardano’s token ADA. It has launched a poll on its Twitter to find out the community’s opinion. So far, the majority has voted in favor of integration-more than 83%.

Should $ADA be integrated as an F-Asset. #Cardano @Cardano

- Flare (@FlareNetworks) March 19, 2021

Flare Networks has already added support for popular altcoins such as XRP, BCH, LTC, DOGE, and XLM. Now it is considering integrating the third-largest cryptocurrency (the title that XRP previously held) ADA.

ADA is on the rise after the hard fork “Mary,” which happened on March 1. ADA has made its way from the end of the top-ten list to the top 3 positions by pushing back XRP.

ADA was listed on Coinbase on March 18, which pushed the currency’s price to a new all-time high of $1.47.

According to a recent statement by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano plans to expand in Africa, bringing millions of new users into Cardano’s ecosystem.

Originally published at on March 20, 2021.




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