Forget the money and hype: this is the reason why blockchains will define our future

How an industry for truth will conquer an archaic incumbent.

Choi Wan Estate (彩雲村), Fung Chak House (豐澤樓) in Hong Kong.

Definitive truth is irrefutable, unalterable, tamper-proof.

Attestation of asset ownership, without trusting a third party, in a definitively true way. This is huge.

Proof-of-X’s, like Bitcoin’s proof-of-work or Ethereum’s proof-of-stake are consensus algorithms for arriving at definitive truths. Original tweet here.

“we are increasingly living in a world of inflation and bad monetary policy.”

Video: Never forget: when (then Chair of Federal Reserve, now Treasury Secretary) Janet Yellen testified in front of Congress and this bloke infamously flashed the “Buy Bitcoin” sign.

“The cat is out of the bag. This is a hill I am willing to die on.”

“Blockchain as an innovation is on the level of the Gutenberg printing press.”

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