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Founder Interview with Kajetan Mackowiak from CoinDeal

Interview with CoinDeal on Altcoin Magazine

Hey, Kajetan, I’d say by now you are an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of building successful startups with main focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Can you give us a quick introduction to your background? How did you get where you are today?

I was fascinated by the potential of cryptocurrencies quite long before the CoinDeal was founded.

We were interested in them as private investors, on a day I met with Adam Bicz and Filip Dzierżak — my business partners — we decided to take a risk and take it “seriously”.

What pushed us into action was that in 2017 in the cryptocurrency space has demonstrated the need for regulated and compliant exchanges, offering not only crypto-to-crypto trading but also a wide variety of Fiat pairings. Then there was no such platform like CoinDeal. We were determined to become a key player that is able to maintain the current vision of cryptocurrencies and to fill a hole in the industry by creating a real and innovative platform.

As you can see, the risk taken and the interest in such an unusual topic paid off.

Changes in the crypto world are very fast. Do you get any sleep at all?

That’s right, it’s really hard in this industry like ours. You travel a lot, you meet people who have sometimes even wider ideas from your own. In the meantime, you try to be all the time up to date. But I think that the balance is something really important — you have to keep your health straight and your mind fresh, just to realize at least half of the plans to develop your business. Besides of CoinDeal, as you’ve noticed, have them a few more. That’s why good sleep is very important here and even sometimes a bit disturbed, I always guarantee myself the right amount of it. Maybe thanks to that these businesses are going so well, fortunately, I have around me people with whom I understand, it is also thanks to the fact that I will come to work relatively relaxed and people know what I mean. It’s also showing respect for your business partner when he knows he’s talking to someone who doesn’t talk nonsense, cause of lack of sleep for example. I also get all the news from the crypto world at work from my team, I am quite up to date, but I don’t get crazy about it, so I have people who make sure that I don’t fall out of rhythm.

Among others you are also the co-founder of CoinDeal, right? What is your company about?

Yes, I’m also the CMO & Co-founder of PayCoiner a crypto payment gateway, before with my business partner Adam Bicz I’ve set up a company like Verified Solutions — today all the companies around Blockchain activities are called Blockchain House, and CoinDeal is a part of it.

We’re also running a branding agency, which helps us sometimes to find the best marketing solutions for our ideas in the blockchain businesses.

Why do you believe that this startup is unique in comparison to its competitors?

We created everything in a very short time — the functionalities and our community were growing very fast. We also bet on a Wolves sponsorship and we weren’t disappointed at all.

It is a courageous marketing step, but he consistently led us through the last year of our activity and showed us, that crypto and football have potential together.

Are you working full-time on this?

Absolutely, probably even more than full time. My friends and family make fun of me, that I don’t have an “off-switch”.

If you could write your own job description, what would it say? What key job functions are you most passionate about?

I like to think of myself as a facilitator. My job is simply to point into the direction we should go down, find the right people and make sure they have everything they need in order to get us to where we need to get to. A lot of founders, CEOs, and managing partners think that the more “hands-on” they are, the better — this is not true. You have to be hands-on, however, you have to let the talent within your company be able to take credit and responsibility for their actions and if leaders try to micro-manage all tasks — that’s when problems start.

What makes you and your co-founders good partners? Are there common themes or topics around which you tend to disagree?

Of course, we have a different point of view — sometimes when it comes to marketing, we have different visions, which is completely inspiring. But when it comes to the crypto industry we see the same opportunities and we try to implement it in our business. Our brand wouldn’t be so recognizable today, and its development wouldn’t progress too fast if we didn’t smuggle in different ideas. Sometimes we discuss things passionately, but in the end, we come to the same conclusions.

If money and resources were not barriers, what are three improvements you would make to your business?

There are no barriers, in my opinion, money doesn’t create any of it. When you’re open-minded and creative, money is just an addition that needs to be used wisely, without an idea and passion, the biggest money will not help.

If you weren’t building your startups or leading your company, what would you be doing?

Probably I will be still close to the sport, maybe a well-known basketball player? And I would trade of course in the meantime. ;)

What are the top priorities for you and your companies right now?

We’re getting a license in the USA, so the huge market there is waiting for CoinDeal. We know that since we started, there are people who are willing to trade on the platform, but they couldn’t.

Passing through this process is most important for us at the moment. We will open 14 markets at the beginning, then, even more, will be available for trading. It takes time, but we’re determined and ready to reach out as much as possible in the second year of running the company.

The next step for us is to create an even more accessible exchange for Asian traders.

In your opinion, how do you view the current state of the crypto market opportunities?

Countless. :)

Haha, alright, well, Kajetan, thank you for your time — any final words or advice for people just starting out with a business or trying to make their fortunes?

Be brave but reasonable and consistent and find the people, who are looking in the same direction.



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