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History of Bitcoin Cryptomarket Tops

By Dr. Chris Kacher [Hanse Digital Access, KJA Digital Asset Investments and Virtue of Selfish Investing]

How to Handle Sharp Corrections in Bitcoin

Dollar-cost averaging or pyramiding the leading names during bull cycles can help one sit tight when bitcoin goes through its inevitable 25–40% corrections. We have had two such corrections in bitcoin so far this year. All bubbles rhyme in terms of price/volume action alone. Since the 1990s, I have studied bubbles going back hundreds of years. A few examples include the South Sea Bubble, Dutch tulipmania, the roaring 20s, the dot-com boom, and the prior crypto bubbles in bitcoin and altcoins.

Predicting & Timing Market Tops

By popular demand, many have asked how I handled the major cryptocurrency market tops of 2013 and 2017? My metrics are designed to catch the major tops and bottoms in bitcoin and ethereum to within a few weeks, if not days. They have correctly called every major low and major high in bitcoin to within a few weeks or less in real-time since 2011 (backtested Jan-2011 to Jan-2013, then went live). I have mentioned a number of them in prior reports.

A History of Bitcoin Market Tops

One example of a top in bitcoin came in Dec-2013. As a consequence, the first major sell signal came in Jan-2014 based on my metrics; the second major top came in Jan-2018. Since altcoins heavily correlate with the direction of bitcoin and ethereum, I use directionality in both BTC and ETH to guide my market exposure.



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