How Many People Own One or More Bitcoins?

Marko Vidrih
Feb 14 · 2 min read

According to the Bitinfocharts service, in the Bitcoin network 633 008 addresses own from 1 to 10 BTC.

In total, this number of addresses owns 1.68 million coins, which amounts to about 9% of all circulating Bitcoins. However, this does not mean that one address is necessarily equal to one person.

A cryptocurrency holder can simultaneously store different amounts of BTC at several addresses. For example, a person owns bitcoin, but he divided the coin into 0.8 and 0.2 BTC into two wallets. Or, in general, it can store 0.1 Bitcoin in ten wallets. Therefore, when studying the statistics provided by the service, it is necessary to take into account this fact.

Image credit: Bitinfocharts

In addition, one more thing must be taken into account. In BTC network there are addresses with coins, access to which is no longer possible to obtain, for example, due to the loss of a password. According to Chainaiysis, in 2017 alone, about 23% of Bitcoins were lost forever.

Thus, the total number of people who could hold at least 1 BTC varies from 400,000 to 800,000.

Author: Marko Vidrih

Featured image credit: Pixabay

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