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Crypto Ban’s Effect on the Market

It’s obvious that the crypto ban has impacted the growth of the blockchain market.

Blockchain Ads with Google

Google eased its full ban last year for Adwords with a whitelisting program, but it’s discretionary. While there is an application that must be approved for crypto advertising, you may not need it for your blockchain project.

Facebook — Is It Worth It?

Like Google, Facebook has a strict ban on crypto and blockchain products. It’s so strict, that when even mentioning “hardware” in a boosted post, could cause it to be tagged as a crypto post! But maybe strict is the wrong word. In reality, Facebook bots don’t understand context, and the human reviewers aren’t necessarily trained in tech or finance.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Advertising

Blockchain advertising is tough but not impossible. In this trusty guide, we’ll take you through what you need to know to succeed in blockchain advertising.

Main Demographics

Who should you be marketing to? The broad audience for crypto and blockchain is easy to find. Crypto users are largely millennials, male, employed, and atheists. Furthermore, more than half are hitched or American. That would appear to narrow it down, right?

Affiliate Marketing

One model of marketing that is effective is affiliate marketing. In other words, create an offer for users to bring others to your platform. Maybe it’s a discount or a coin bonus. This technique is effectively word-of-mouth for the campaign, but it can be an extremely useful and low-cost option.

Connecting to Industry Resources

In order to create the engaging community you need for affiliate or word-of-mouth marketing, you need to have an active plan to collaborate with thought leaders and leading publications.

Blockchain Advertisers

That said, another way to leverage your blockchain brand is to advertise with other blockchain tools. There are blockchain advertising tools like NYIAX, an advertising contract trading platform that allows advertisers to reduce costs. Another project, BitClave, only shows users ads that deal directly with their search terms. This approach is more user-friendly and again reduces costs for the advertiser.



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