How to Get the Most of Automatic Crypto Copy Trading?

Сopy trading is an entrance for beginners to the market, indeed. The concept is so simple: you copy the actions of professional traders and get profit with them.

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3 min readSep 10, 2020


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One time you come up with an idea to use copy trading as a variant of your investment. Obviously, all investors want to get as much as possible out of their money. They think: “Bigger deposit = higher risks = large profit.” A good analogy with Marketing Department came to my mind:

Mem about marketing department. Coinmatics about importance on active automatic copy trading.
A story about the bad marketing department

Sometimes increasing deposits can be a good option. To be a successful crypto copy trader, you need to have enough money on your exchange wallet. This ensures that all trades are being copied successfully. But anyway there are other ways to increase your return on investments.

Today we will figure out what are the pitfalls in crypto copy trading and how to get the most out of your investments.

Crypto copy trading. If you do it manually, for sure you spend a lot of time on this. But if we talk about automatic copy trading, it is not totally passive income. You need to work with your assets. Automatic one is less active for sure, but it still needs your intervention.

Let’s explore issues of automatic crypto copy trading that can happen at Coinmatics. Imagine that you’ve chosen automatic mode.

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Do monitor your subscriptions. You don’t want to connect to the strategy and forget about it for a month. There is a necessity to check the dividends at least once per week.

Copy trading allows you to copy the trades of top investors on the market, but it doesn’t stop there. You still maintain complete control over the trades you make, including when it comes to deciding which strategies you want to copy and how each trade affects your portfolio.

There are some cases when the strategy stops being active for a while. The reason is that sometimes in Spot trading there are no good entry points. Spot trading is based on pairs: BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT and etc. Usually, when 1 altcoin falls, the other starts falling. Then the market recovers and the trader continues trading. That’s why in order not to lose money the trader stops all deals for 1–2 weeks. He’s not interested to lose his assets (btw, good point on copy trading advantage — skin in the game). But in this situation, investors still need to make money work. So it’s better to subscribe to another strategy for a while.

  • Do NOT trade yourself on your copy trading account. This can significantly affect the result and profit, most likely for the worse. The trader creates a strategy. By connecting to it, you agree to follow his deals strictly. And then you start your own activities which alter your portfolio. Collapse.
This town ain’t big enough for both of us.Coinmatics advices not to trade yourself on Binance account while copy trading goes
  • Do NOT copy several strategies at once. If you subscribe to several strategies at once, it will be difficult to align the portfolio with all of them. They can have very different asset allocations. Therefore, if you really want to, I recommend creating several different exchange accounts, each for its own strategy.
  • Do examine the crypto investment world. If you want to master copy trading perfectly — start from mastering your trading. The best way to learn about investing and trading is by watching an expert. With copy trading, you’ll see first hand how a guru trader works.

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By examining the investment world you invest in yourself.

Coinmatics says that the best investment is investment in yourself.

Sofia Gavrilenko for the Capital and Coinmatics.



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