P2P Crypto Lending Platform Development

How to Proceed with P2P Crypto Lending Platform Development

By Antier Solutions 🛡️ on The Capital

How crypto assets are disrupting P2P lending

How to start a P2P crypto lending business

  • Loan Products: This is the very first step where you will define the loan products that your platform will be offering. You need to be clear about the currency that you will use to give the loan and which currency will be used as collateral. The workflow of your platform needs to be devised carefully before actually starting a lending platform.
  • Technology Platform: For developing your P2P lending platform, you can choose between two options — to develop it from scratch or go with a white label product. The choice you make will determine the development cost and time-to-market of your product. Building your P2P lending from scratch will require more development time and cost as compared to developing a white label P2P lending platform.
  • Collateral Process: An efficient collateral mechanism needs to be in place for efficient risk assessment. Efficient LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) needs to be formulated and designed. For example, a business model works on 50% LVR ration, signifying that whatever will be the total amount of crypto assets, out of that 50% will be rendered to the borrower as a loan amount. This makes the whole process go smoothly and efficiently.
  • Borrower: A successful lending platform is the one which attracts a large number of borrowers and lenders to their platform. For creating a strong platform, you need to market your platform to make your target audience aware of your presence. You can choose SEO, direct mailing and also social media to create a buzz in the market.
  • Lenders: Lenders are attracted to a platform that offers good returns and an option of investment diversification. So, you should carefully devise the workflow of your lending platform to cover all the valuable points.
  • Regulations: The regulatory framework of P2P crypto is fragmented as some countries have set clear rules to license the platforms and some are still wandering in their thoughts. There exists no global implementation rule. In the USA, the lending platform is regulated by state-level for non-banks and FinTech companies, and in the UK, lending platforms need to be complied and obtain licensing from FCA.




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