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How to Rebalance your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

By Crypto Adventure on The Capital

Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing

Threshold Rebalancing

Periodic and Threshold Rebalancing

Using Shrimpy To Rebalance Your Portfolio

  • Sign Up For Shrimpy- Visit the shrimpy website and sign up to their page. Fill in the required details.
  • Login to your shrimpy account- You can now access the page that gives you exchange options. Select the exchange that you use and enter valid API keys that have all trading permissions enabled.
  • Select your Portfolio- Create your portfolio by touching on the create a new portfolio icon.
  • Use the add asset icon to add assets to your portfolio.
  • Input the allocations to specific assets in the portfolio by pressing on the rebalance icon, and the shrimpy platform will automatically rebalance your portfolio.

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