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How To Scan A QR Code Using A Phone — No App Needed

By MamaeCrypto Michelle M. on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Technology can be challenging for many. But few amazing tools we simply do not use because we do not know they are available to us. One of them is QR code technology and how to read them.

QR codes are popping out everywhere. I see then in soda cans, product boxes, and store isles as informational seeds. Also, QR codes can be seen in the store’s checks outs and vending machines as an available payment option. A technology that is gradually adopted in the US and that is already in wide use in other parts of the world such as China.

For me, it was important to learn the simple skills and was amazed to find out how simple it actually is. For a moment I thought I was the only one who did not know the amazing trick. But during my time volunteering for the Litecoin Foundation at the San Diego International Film Festival, I noticed that 99% of the people were missing out on this trick as well.

Watch this quick 2-minute video and never look back! If you like the content subscribe and give the video a like as a token of support.

Also a cool tool I often use: QR code generator. That is how I created the QR code above that leads to the main page of my blog!

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By: Michelle Mafra (MamãeCrypto)

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